Women told not to go out at night alone after assaults carried out in Sweden, Finland, Germany, Austria and Switzerland


Security authorities are growing increasingly concerned by the rising number of sex attacks by gangs of migrants which appear to be spreading across Europe.
Finland and Sweden today became the latest European countries to issue warnings to women to be wary of the threat of sex attacks following fresh reports of sexual assaults in the last week, while the Viennese police chief adviced women not to go outside alone in Vienna.
The warnings come as reports emerged that Austrian and German police tried to cover-up the issue over fears of reprisal attacks on asylum seekers and damage to the countries’ tourist trade.
Dozens of arrests have been made today in connection with the wave of recent sex attacks across Europe.

Read more: dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3390168/Migrant-rape-fears-spread-Europe-Women-told-not-night-assaults-carried-Sweden-Finland-Germany-Austria-Switzerland-amid-warnings-gangs-ordinating-attacks.html#ixzz3xMqV1hH0


I don’t think dozens of arrests will accomplish anything.


talk about losing your freedom!


police tried to cover-up the issue over fears



Europe is being invaded and needs another Crusade to defend itself, but that will never happen thanks the Protestant revolt and secularism


I find it interesting that while the fight against “rape culture” is going on demanding affirmative consent and that women be respected no matter how they are dressed or how they act, they are now being told to dress modestly so as not t offend those of “different cultures”.

This is actually an insult to men generally of whatever cultire and since it implies they just can’t control themselves when they see a showing cleavage or a short skirt.


What a slap in the face of Europe!
I hope that the perpetrators will be identified and returned to their countries. I find it incomprehensible that such able bodied men, instead of joining the fight to liberate their various nations from the grip of ISIS, would just run away and start causing problems elsewhere.
Something is very wrong with that picture!


. . . the Viennese police chief adviced women not to go outside alone in Vienna.

This is very sad for the good law-abiding people who end up losing more of their freedom in this situation.




Besides implying no man has any self control, its also just something they like to talk about, not something they are serious about though, as its not practical in todays world.

Kind of similar to how they instruct women in trouble to scream FIRE instead of HELP…in reality, they recognize few people actually come to the aid of another yelling help, but when fire is heard, everyone comes running. lol,


Of course the state has tried to cover up the truth. I like the justification of this due to fear of reprisal attacks. The biggest fear of the state is that people realize how useless it is and resort to taking care of themselves. The still relatively small ‘migrant’ population will reveal just how ineffective the state actually is against a unified group, which is why the state tries to destroy the natural bonds people have.

I don’t think Protestantism is the problem here. From what I hear of the German Catholic Church I don’t expect a vigorous defense of Christian culture, except where it aligns with secular humanism. Not to mention the Catholic Church has been promoting the power of the modern secular nation state and immigration which are the root causes of this problem.


In Islam, women are not to go out alone so, whether the EU governments acknowledges it or not, Sharia is being accomplished by force and rape.


I said the Protestant Revolt, not Protestantism. I am referring to the revisionist history the Protestant Revolt provided in regards to the Crusades. Both Catholics and Non Catholics have fallen victim to propaganda against the Crusades by the early Protestant rebels.

The point is simple… This is an Islamic invasion (just like the during the time of the crusades). The only difference is that the invading forces’ leadership isn’t recognized as ligitimate by the world’s counties. But the people who are invading and taking parts of Europe over recognize the legitimacy of ISIS 110%.

Instead of invading with swords, they are “colonizing” and forcing their control using the pluristic society that the Protestant Revolt gave us.

Basically, history will remember this time in history, when Europeans were too politically correct to realize that their culture was being ripped away from them because of pluralism.

Btw - pluralism can’t work when people refuse to be assimilated by the culture they are moving too. Unlike large numbers of Christians living together in a plurialistic society, large numbers of Christians and Muslims cannot live together in a pluralistic society because their world views of how society should exist is too different. Pluralist Christians and Atheists believe in religious freedom while pluralist Muslims believe Christians should not be executed in a Islamic ruled society.


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