Women using NFP please


Hi all,

Consider someone with incredibly unpredictable cycles. Have gone to two NFP counsellors who cannot determine a consistent pattern. My excellent gynocholgist has determined that ovulation occasionally occurs but hormones are erratic, in particular LH and FHS (needed for ovulation). Cycles are anywhere between 20 and 42 days and either very heavy or just spotting.

Gyno is suggesting the pill which should help regulate. Don’t really want to do this due to potential loss of life in utero. Although regulating periods would be life changing.

Condoms to avoid conception is an option. Not catholic teaching but not sure how to get around this. Not in a position to provide for another child at this moment but too young to avoid all sexual contact indefinitely.

Talked to two priests. One was completely useless and basically told me to pray (this has been going on 15 years!). The other didn’t really give me an answer but alluded to God being understanding.

Help! What would you do.

Believe me when I say I have prayed about this. I still don’t know what to do.


Honestly? If I was in your situation…I’d go for the pill.

I’d want my cycles to be regulated.

Potential abortions in utero is a theory…I think it’s a scare tactic used heavily by fanatics.

But…that’s my opinion. I used the pill for awhile to help with medical issues. I’m not a fan of it and am looking to go back to another NFP method with an instructor.

This site will give you opinions…not based on medical truth or fact and I think there’s a lot of fear tactics used to scare people from practical solutions.


A couple of things.

  1. I know I’m not a woman.
  2. I don’t mean to sound snarky, but pray.
    Get in front of Jesus. Quiet. Alone. And pray. Pray for Him to not only guide you but heal you. Pray for the strength to follow a path that is not easy and in fact may seem impossible.

Pray. It isn’t useless advice. It is where all future advice should begin from.


I have. For years. Incessantly. I still don’t know what to do. If i did I wouldn’t be asking for practical soutions :blush:

I do appreciate your advice though.


Is this true? If so it would make the decision much easier. Thankyou so much for the practical advice. Appreciate it.


Do your research. Do your homework. Ask questions and direct them to medical professionals. Do not get bogged down by groups of people who aren’t medical professionals and have no verifiable background in research…namely people on this site or opinions from websites when you google key phrases.

All I can say is that combinations of estrogen and progesterone pills have not been proven to be abortificants, at all.
Copper IUDs? Those are definitely abortificants.

Also, if you take it correctly…like dedicate yourself to the same time every single day…it will completely suppress ovulation…like it is designed to do.

Church teaching is clear that taking the pill for medical reasons is fine and there is no need to abstain from intercourse.
That is clear as day…despite opinions otherwise.

I was in a desperate situation at the time I started the pill because I felt trapped between what I was reading versus what my physicians were telling me.
I went with the medical professionals…which is what I needed to do in the first place.


Also…know that the pill is only a bandaid.
It doesn’t cure anything.

But…at the same time…some people, for whatever reason, can only use bandaids.
Type 1 diabetics need insulin to survive…there is no cure. Insulin won’t get rid of the diabetes…but it’s lifesaving and alows these patients to have normal lives.


I can’t thank you enough for your advice and support. I had no idea the pill was fine for medical purposes- already you have put me at ease.

Appreciate it


Just so you know…I’m a huge advocate of prayer too.

The thing is…you have no idea which direction it’s going to point you in.

The catechism is pretty clear about using the pill for medical purposes. The grey area creeps in with what’s actually appropriate for pill use and the abortificants debate.

I will never indicate why I was prescribed the pill…I was actually asked that on a Catholic Facebook group once and I said…it’s anything between preventing acne and severe endometriosis. I didn’t want busybodies clucking in with their opinion as to why.

Incidentally…have you exhausted your NFP methods? Some people find changing a method with a new instructor was a God send. I won’t press the matter…I just wanted to give you what I’ve learned and come to realize.


This is very good advice, OP.



Please Contact The National Catholic Bioethics Center.


Sounds like your doctor has identified a valid medical reason for you to treat a hormonal imbalance.


You sound like you’re trying to use the calendar rhythm method.

Back when I was on NFP it didn’t matter the length of individual cycles because you only need to know what happens in that cycle. Temp and mucus recordings are for that cycle only.


No absolutely not.

I’m very familiar with charting, temperature and mucous. There was still no pattern as my body will attempt ovulation, fail and then either reattempt or start over.


Have you spoken to a Priest? You said you weren’t aware that there were medical issues that made it necessary and licit in some cases, which leads me to believe you have not, and really need to speak the a Priest (frankly, more than one) and as suggested, talk to the Catholic Bioethics Center.


I’ve spoken to 2. As per my OP :blush:


Sorry, missed that. That explains why you weren’t aware.

I agree with calling the Bioethic Center, us you cant find a Priest willing to be honest with you.


You have an excellent gynecologist.

Listen to your doctor.


Which method(s)? NFP is not a generic thing, any more than going to a mechanic and saying “what is wrong with my car?” . The mechanic needs to know the make and model.

I’m guessing from your posts that you are trying STM?

My first suggestion would be to find a Creighton Model practioner (distant is okay, there are practicioners who will work via skype) and to find a NaPro physician (they also will consult with local docs) https://www.naprotechnology.com/


Sounds like a medical issue that needs to be resolved

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