Women victims of anti-christian violence-INDIA

A Matter Of Revenge

A Hindu girl was brutally gang-raped as reprisal for her uncles’ refusal to abandon Christianity, reports ROHINI MOHAN

SHE WOULD first like to choose a name for herself, she says. “Devika is a good name.” She has been on the run for almost ten months, living in havens that never seem safe enough. Devika has not returned to her village in Kandhamal since the 2008 riots when Hindu groups like the VHP and the RSS had allegedly led widespread violence in the district against Christians. But there were those like Devika, a Hindu girl, who were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. One September night, Devika visited her grandmother in Galdingya village. That night, she was gang-raped by five men.

“Fourteen men burst into the house,” says Devika, who recognised almost all of them. One looked at her and said, “We are here to take revenge on your uncle. You have to pay the price.” Five men then carried Devika out of the house and into the nearby forest. Everyone in the village watched mutely. “I was screaming for help,” says Devika, not taking her eyes off the floor, “They said ‘No one is going to help you’. I looked up and realised they were right.” For three hours, the five raped her, threatening her with death. “I stopped screaming after a while. I was sure I would die.” Later, her grandfather found her, bleeding and “half dead”. Full article here tehelka.com/story_main42.asp?filename=Ne060609a_matter.asp

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22,000 people displaced since the anti-Christian riots
16,000 women and children displaced
93 people killed. Official estimates record only 43
3,000 people living in four relief camps
Eight refugee villages with CRPF security, but without rations
Four known cases of rape, only two FIRs registered
One threat was enough. “Four young men from my village, boys who used to play right in front of my house suddenly came wearing red tilaks and carrying sickles on that day,” says Philomena of August 24, 2008, the first of 40 days of anti-Christian violence in Kandhamal, “They saw Julima and grabbed at her dupatta, laughing like jackals. A larger mob came into our village just then, and the four ran to join them.” As the mob was busy burning houses, Julima ran into the forest and hid there for four days before joining her parents. “It was a miracle she escaped from their dirty hands,” says Philomena, “I don’t want to count on another miracle. Julima will not come back to this hell.”

Since the first attacks on Christians in Kandhamal in December 2007, people have lost their homes and their loved ones. But as an entire community has been displaced, it is the women who’re least able to move on. There are four allegations of rape and hundreds of sexual molestation, of which only two are registered in FIRs. In one case, the gang-rape of a nun, 15 people have been arrested, and the trial began on April 19. In the other, the lesser known gang-rape of a Hindu girl, the five accused roam free.

In the outskirts of Bhubaneswar, a dusty road leads to a quiet nunnery. It is mid afternoon. Three children are busy in a search for ants under a bench, but everyone else is asleep. Apart from one elderly and another middle-aged man, the sleeping residents are women. Most are under 30. All are from Kandhamal.
My daughter leads a life I would wish upon no woman. Always in hiding, not as scared of death as much as she is petrified of something worse,’says Rajkumari Pradhan of Kandhamal
see the URL tehelka.com/story_main42.asp?filename=Ne060609daughters_of.asp

[quote=second Telhelka article]‘It’s a Christian-Hindu fight, but if you’re a woman, your religion doesn’t matter. If they want to ruin you, they will,’ says Samuka Digal, of the violence women in Kandhamal face


Thank you Derrick for keeping us informed of these terrible events.

Dear Dale
You are most welcome. I will convey a link to this post to Fr Ajaya Kumar who is working in the relief camps and who sent me the reporters email to him.
Thanking you for your prayers, concern and solidarity.
God bless

Abuse of women

All three pogroms had another common feature: Rampant abuse of women. Women were gang-raped, invariably in front of their families, not for sexual gratification but as a demonstration of power, to heap humiliation on male relatives. At the hearing organised by the Kandhamal Tribunal, Vrinda Grover, a member of the jury, remarked that the Orissa rioters had “used women’s bodies as sites for punishment.” The Hindu of September 30, 2008 reported the case of a Catholic nun who was stripped naked and brutally gang-raped in front of a police post with 12 policemen from the Orissa State Armed Police present and watching. The Catholic priest who was with her was mercilessly thrashed for refusing to participate in the atrocity. Incidents of rape in Gujarat 2002 have been too well documented to bear repetition here.

But here again, the trend was set 26 years ago in Delhi. Until recently, the dominant perception about 1984 was that the mob violence largely spared the women.

The myth was conclusively demolished in 2007 following publication of the painstakingly documented book, “When a tree shook Delhi”. Lifting the “veil of silence” over the rape cases, authors Manoj Mitta and H.S. Phoolka pieced together evidence placed before the Nanavati Commission to establish rape as a commonly used weapon in the anti-Sikh pogrom. In one case, the rioters killed all the men in the family, raped the woman of the house in front of her young son, and left her naked so that she could not go out to save the child when he too was dragged out and burnt alive (case reported in Manushi magazine and submitted to the Commission).rest of the article here

This is Obscene and unconscionable. Please everyone pray for an end to the abuse of innocent woemn in India due to Anti-Christian persecution and of an end to the persecution in general. Hopefully the government can do something about this. Hopefully.

May Almighty God have mercy on us, forgive us our sins, and bring us into everlasting life. May He heal the wounded, restore the persecuted. Lord, show them your love and console them. Be with them, Lord.

Amen. :signofcross:

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