Women who cover with something other than a mantilla

Hello. :slight_smile: I was wondering, if any of you who cover at Mass do so with some kind of headscarf other than a mantilla, how do you wear your scarf? I’m trying out different ways and attempting to decide on a general-use one that is easy to do and suitable to a mass (as in, a reasonable amount of my hair is covered). Usually, I simply put a long rectangular scarf over my head, bring one of the tails around my opposite shoulder with the scarf under my chin, and let the tail fall behind me, like this, but there must be other takes on it out there. What are some of your suggestions?

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I cover fairly often and as I’m just beginning to attend a Catholic Church I haven’t used a mantilla yet. Here’s some of my “non-mantilla” favorites:

  1. Wearing a shawl and pulling it up over my head as I enter the Church. The shawl can be light and lacy similar to a mantilla or heavier and thicker, like what we see in the statues of female Saints. The latter is GREAT for cold weather! The shawl drapes down over my shoulders and back helping to shield me from drafty places. I really like it!

  2. Chiffon scarves. Okay - I LOVE these! They’re so comfortable. I tie them like a headband around my head leaving enough room to fit 1-2 fingers in the band. When I’m ready to go in, I use one hand to pinch the front and the other to pull it down in back. I love that I don’t have anything in front when wearing these since the ties are in the back. It’s a great solution for Moms with young children. :slight_smile:

  3. Wide headbands”. This is similar to #2, but it is attached with elastic on the bottom and there isn’t a “trail” of scarf left to place anywhere. Great for wearing outside of Church when you know prayer will be occurring. I make my own using a fat quarter and it’s only 2 cuts and I’m at the machine sewing! They’re wonderful and can double for keeping hair out of your face for cooking, camping, etc. LOVE these too!

I like a garden-style hat. The kind with a wide brim and goes well with a tailored suit or a “garden-party” style dress. The lacy veil and the doily-cap do not fit well with me.

I’m open to a Grace Kelly style pashmina, though.

I like wearing a beret in wintertime (when it’s out of season to wear my straw hats)

That sounds cute! :slight_smile:
I really like hats,and they definately serve the intended purpose, but between the two, I’d rather wear a headscarf or veil to mass. It reminds me of the BVM; after all, she wore one on a daily basis!

I have a pashmina problem… lol They’re so wonderful and up here they’re an additional layer of warmth.

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