women who veil

I bought a head covering, made of cotton not lace a few years back. Wore it to church a bit then stopped. After my son, received his first communion, a few weeks ago I felt a calling to do it again so today was the day.
He asked me why and I said b/c I believe God is really in the Eucharist and I want to honor him.
Then I saw one another person wearing a mantilla…I felt such joy.
Just wanted to know if any of you do and if you do any information on how you feel and how long you have done it.
thanks in adavance,

Sometimes I veil when I go to adoration. I don’t veil when I go to mass.

I veil at Mass & Eucharistic Adoration. Always have & always will.

I’ve veiled with either a mantilla or a scarf since early 2012 a few months after I first began attending mass. I am one of those people who is very sensitive to the extra heat caused by any sort of head covering, especially if my hair is still damp from either a shower or the weather, so if it becomes or I know will be too distracting from my real purpose of being at mass, I may not wear a covering, but I’ve always felt as if it is the right thing to do. It may sound goofy but I get this impression of approval from somewhere when I first started doing it and when I go back to wearing a head cover if I’ve not done so for a while.

I started wearing a kerchief-style covering to Mass about 3 or 4 years ago. It felt comfortable so I started wearing it all day Sunday. Then I started to wear it every day.

I do enjoy seeing the ladies who wear the lacy mantillas.

I felt a calling to start wearing a mantilla a little over a year ago! I LOVE wearing one! Mine is homemade and is made out of white lace. I feel it is a personal devotion, and it is unique to each person. My Mom and my three sisters do not wear one, and on a rare occasion I may see an elderly woman from my parish wearing one. I feel modest and presentable when I have my mantilla on. It humbles me. Also, I think it is a beautiful reminder that I am in my Father’s house! God bless you!

I veil as well but with plain tichels or scarves as my mantillas were burnt in a fire a few years ago, I wear a tichel which is a israeli headcovering to mass or adoration or during prayer at home. I wear a wide headband style headcovering daily to show my vocation as a wife and mother. It’s wonderful you feel called to veil, not all women are but I think it’s a lovely devotion I love seeing ladies in hats or veils in church, just as much as I like seeing a woman with glorious hair that is long and down too:):thumbsup::thumbsup:

I have had women tell me I am stuck up or self righteous for wearing a veil you just follow your heart like I said not everyone is called to do it or comfortable with it.

At my parish I have seen more veils than normal. Out of the max 200 people at the Mass I go to, about 8 women wear veils. Before that nobody did. At another Mass there are more veils.
10 years ago you would never see a veil at my parish.

I used to veil because I was raised in a traditional Catholic church, but I stopped.
The veil felt more like an obligation than an option (I was going to a modern church, so nobody else was even veiling) and I could tell I was getting scrupulous about it. So I stopped.

I might go back to veiling someday if I feel like it will enhance my spiritual life, but I stopped because I didn’t want to feel forced into it when there was nobody there even saying I should.

Mine is also Jewish - a mimkhatah. It looks like a scarf so that’s usually what I call it.

I’ve heard of that happening, but (so far) no one has said anything negative to me. The few comments I’ve had have all been positive. A couple of times while in the “big city” I’ve been called “sister” - but besides the covering I also wear long skirts & in cold weather I wear a ponco that covers my non-nun-like clothing, so I can understand the confusion. :slight_smile:

These are all wonderful stories…thank you.
I was wondering if any of you carried one in your purse just in case you might stop at church…if yes how do you store it in your purse and at home?
thanks and blessings

I keep mine folded in a Glad quart freezer bag and keep it in my car along with a prayer book for Adoration. I keep as little in my purse as possible and I never know when I might stop at the Chapel for a visit.

Nope. This was a requirement when I was growing up. I was glad to see it gone.

I carry mine in my purse 24/7. I have a large purse, and I have a big pocket that I keep all my “Church items” in. I fold my mantilla in half and then roll it up to prevent wrinkling.

Lovely story and very close to my own experience.

I started to veil for Church in December, I wear a (home made) cream lace mantilla.

There are only a few in our congregation who do but it is a slowly growing number.

For me it is absolutely the right thing to do I am so sorry I didn’t years ago.

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