Women's addiction to smutty books

I propose for your consideration: Women can be addicted to perverted “romance” novels such as “50 Shades of Grey” – just as men can be addicted to visual porn. If so, women’s moral responsibility is the same. What do you think?

I think people can become “addicted” to anything that stimulates their brains in the right way.

I suppose it is possible too. But I think porn is a far greater evil than suggestive or even graphic romance novels.


To begin with, romance novels don’t feature real human beings who are exploited, raped, abused and shamed by society at large.

To read, say, a Harlequin novel is perhaps lustful but ultimately is engaging in a fantasy. To watch pornography is to participate in an industry bent on dehumanizing women for sexual pleasure.

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Only in that porn objectifies a real life person rather than an imaginary person. The effect on the woman and her relationship with her husband is the same as a man who is using porn.

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I see your point, and yes, I was thinking real versus imaginary. And what Naomily said is very true: porn is a horrible industry ruining many lives and relationships. But I am no fan of smutty romance novels either. Some call these books a “guilty pleasure”, but I think we would be better off without them.

I should add that women are consumers of visual porn. According to Brigham Young University, 72 percent of porn site visitors are male, while 28 percent are women. That’s quite a sizeable number.


Romance novels and books like “Fifty Shades” are two entirely different genres.
One is graphic, the other–barely, and with flowery words :slight_smile:

But people do have sex outside of marriage in romance novels, too. So if that would be going against one’s “moral responsibility” then…i guess you can lump them together in that respect.
But you’d have to cut out most classic literature too, on those grounds.



Are you trying to say something about women? I don’t get your point (or the OP).

I think there are some very interesting parallels. Men, when taken as a stereotype, are visually stimulated. So men will have more problems with pornograpy that is based in pictures and video. Women, again as a stereotype, are move mentally involved. So women will have more problems with something that can get that kind of a grip, ie the written word.

Very interesting. That thouse kind of books have gained such a huge following and have created there own industry with a large selection of titles I think it shows that women can be a victim of this kind of addiction. I’m own thought is that a lower percentage of women than men will struggle with this, but it is ( in my opinion) clearly a problem that could cause many women a lot of struggles.

Porn is outright blatant but the other is more sneaky and insidious in how it affects the mind, heart, and entire body.

But in addition to the smutty romance novel, the addiction to any romance novel can also distort and degrade. The key factors would be in the words “addiction”-how does the repeated reading improve someone’s life? and what kind of “romance” novel a person continually reads for entertainment, recreation, escape.

Most classic literature? What literature class did you take? I would say the vast majority of what is considers “classic literature” doesn’t describe anyone having sex with anyone, and those that do mention or imply extramarital sex rarely portray it in a positive light.

Women are definitely addicted to the 50 Shades of Grey series.
I worked in retail and some women wanted everyone to see what they were buying and other women would hide it under something.
Some women had this defiant and proud look on their face - look how open minded I am! Women of all ages were buying these books.

These books don’t exploit women like pornographic film does but I don’t believe it would be recommended reading by the Catholic church either.


I agree, as I am one of those women who has been addicted and can easily slide back into it.

Insidious is definitely the word to describe this evil.

…my :twocents:

Just a thought: I wonder how many men feel betrayed if the woman in his life reads a steamy romance novel, the way a woman feels betrayed - and rightly so - when her man looks at porn? I would say, not very many. This might not be objective morality, but I would say that the pain inflicted on women by porn, both in the making of it and the use of it, show (to me at least) that porn is much worse.

Men usually receive the bulk of condemnation when it comes to pornography. My point is to open a discussion about women’s moral responsibility.

How about we just oppose porn in general and not bring in a discussion of which gender deserves what percentage of blame for it?

I understand that you disapprove of the topic. You are free to do so. God bless.

I think the important question is whether or not smutty romance novels are porn or not.

Some highly respected 20th century writers – including D.H. Lawrence, Norman Mailer, and Henry Miller – have written quite graphic books. I’m not an expert on any of them. But their primary purpose, I would guess, was to create meaningful literature.

For sure, they were pushing the boundaries of social acceptability.

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