Women's addiction to smutty books

I definitely would.

Addicts often go through cycles initially, like what you describe. You can cartainly find dirtier, nastier fanfiction as well. I spent a little time on those sites when I was in college and I’d say as much as 80% of the trash that yoou have to wade through on there served absolutely no purpose other than being pornographic. Half of them put more effort into getting an orgasm into every chapter than remembering to use appropriate punctuation. You can easily find every kind of sick sexual fantasy in fanfiction, including cheating, prostitutuion, gay sex, gangbangs, rape, child rape, and bestiality.

I suppose. Though I’ve never understood how anyone could enjoy fanfiction that had no proper grammar or spelling. Maybe I’m protected from unduly addiction for fanfiction by improper writing :p.

It may be of interest for you to know that the “50 Shades” series started out as a “Twilight” fanfic. (I’ve never read “Twilight,” but I have seen the first movie).

I am most aware of Harry Potter fan fic. Many involve romantic relationships between characters. Many of them can be rated NC-17. Believe it or not, lots of women produce and read Snarry fanfic, featuring Snape and Harry in a relationship. Lots of fan art is based on these stories as well.

I’ve argued with friends over Snarry fanfic, But people insist that these stories are set in the future when Harry was already of age.

I stay away from that stuff like the plague. It’s just creepy to me.

Some of the arguments about the potency of pornography on this thread don’t take into account the many other media of pornography that exist.

Many have argued that pornography is harmful primarily because it exploits real people. But what about cartoon pornography or written pornography? While it is “fantasy” and doesn’t include “real people,” it frequently depicts acts that are far more degrading and violent. Common themes include bestiality, pedophilia, sadomasochism, castration, rape, murder, slavery, urination, defecation, group sex, and “conversions to homosexuality.”
I would argue that this is potentially just as harmful to society as “real porn,” even though it doesn’t create an industry of exploitation.

The feminine is supposed to be affirmed in its beauty, so it’s not inherently wrong for women to dream of romance. But when this desire leads to materials that are smutty, it can corrupt a natural desire into pride and lust.

Given that “written porn” can be quite harmful, smutty romance can be harmful as well. Once people get a taste, they will eventually want something stronger. And this leads to materials like “50 Shades of Grey,” or perhaps, God forbid, something they find on the internet.


That makes sense. The Twilight stuff appealed to women in midlife crisis so the invention of the 50 Shades of Grey character was an inevitable entrepreneurs marketing dream.

I wouldn’t pay a bean for the 50 Shades of Grey stuff. Aside from it being a moral vacuum… I hate being manipulated by marketing opportunism.

No doubt. Women can be addicted to traditional porn and romance novels. Same responsibility as men to resist/avoid the temptation.

Men lust with their eyes; women lust with their hearts.

The men who perform in porn are also dehumanized.

Of course it’s the same. Women have lust just have men have lust, even if it takes on slightly different forms. A sensual novel v.s. porn still are trying to arouse lust in the heart. Whether one sins through words or through visual stimuli is irrelevant. They still have sinned.

Both forms probably have the effect of damaging a persons personal purity, but porn leads to more physical damage and powerlessness of a mans victims. More men rape women than the other way around and more men sexually abuse children even though women have way more access to children then men.

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