Womens devotional books

I’m looking for a really good devotional book/magizine for my wife. She is going thru a though time. She has a concerous area on her vocal cords and she is having radiation to get rid of it.

She hasn’t ever had devotional time but she loves to read so I thought I would try to find a “beginners” book for quiet time with God that reflects our Catholic beliefs.

thanks for your input


Dear Dad4teens
I am sorry to hear that your wife is ill.
I have two teen boys and a gal. I have looked at many bibles- there are some protestant bibles that have devotions right in them.
It may be possible to find a catholic one like that.
I love the “praying with …series” You can probably find it online at Pauline Books. It has chapters with reflections on different spiritual topics according to the charism of the particular saint.
For example: My favourite is Praying with Julien of Norwich.
She was a mystic who scripted a reflection of her communication with God, called Showings. It talks about trial and prayer.
I hope that helps you.
God and may Mary, Joseph and Jesus be with you in this difficult time.

Amy Welborn wrote a lovely book called A Catholic Woman’s Book of Days.

There aren’t too many good Catholic women’s devotionals. Amy Welborn’s book was terribly disappointing to me. Feminine Genius is okay. I can’t think of anything else. The Chicken Soup series might have something.

I recently heard there is a Catholic Woman’s Bible. Also, Canticle magazine would be great, look at www.lhla.org. This is Johnette Benkovic’s outreach.

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