Womens dress code?

I tend to see a lot of women in Protestant churches that all wear the same style of clothes. They wear their hair long; usually down to the middle of their back. They wear very long dresses around their ankles and some shirts/blouses that sometimes cover their whole arms. I asked a girl I knew when I was younger about this dress code and she said she has to dress like that because it says so in the bible. I hope this is the correct place to post this. Can someone direct me to the scripture they use to confirm this dress code?

Some people take the passage about women’s hair being their glory to mean a woman can’t ever have her hair cut, not to trim the ends, not to layer it, not to cut bangs. They think that the verse that says a man should have short hair means a man can’t grow it out at all but must have a crew cut and a fully clean-shaven face and neck. After that they just take words like “decently” and “modestly” and “respectable” and the like to mean long dresses with long sleeves for women, suits and ties for men. Some make exceptions for manual labor. Others think of these words as meaning medium to long dresses with any kind of sleeves but with waist ties and drab solid colors or whatever for women, and plain farmer-type or flannel-and-khaki-type clothes for men, things like that. It’s highly variable. Some don’t approve of more than a tiny bit of jewelry.

So does it make it biblical of sorts or does it turn into a man made tradition instituted by the leaders of these churches?:shrug:

I consider it a manmade tradition, total literalism, which hits such contradictions because people try to “just read the Bible and not interpret it” only to find they don’t read it the same as each other, because part of reading is interpreting. When they try to get rid of all “interpretations” they are left to make up their own after they see that they can’t get along without some kind of interpretation.

One could say that self biblical interpretation without the proper guides can bring one to error then. I to see this dress code as a man made tradition. The weird thing is that this dress code seems to apply only to women and not the men of these congregations. Is this some form of subordination from the men to keep their women in check?

Some congregations do keep women dressed mroe strictly than men. I don’t know why.

In different parts of the country… you can see people and recognize that they belong to a particular denomination. For instance in Missouri…there is a group of people that all the women have very long hair, no makeup, ankle length dresses, long sleeved blouses, while the men dress normally and conservatively… These are apart from people like the Amish and others…

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