Women's "jumpers": do you see them as paragons of modesty, or just plain old frumpy?


Women’s “jumpers”: do you see them as paragons of modesty, or just plain old frumpy?

If you don’t know what a jumper is:


This is meant to be a somewhat light-hearted topic, BTW. :wink:


Do they have to be one or the other?

I think, in the right style on the right person, they can have a nice, classical look. They’re not always “frumpy”.

“Paragon of modesty”? I don’t know. It would depend on what kind of shirt you’re wearing with it, and how long it is. But…certainly there are plenty of other modest clothes??



I liked jumpers when I was a teenager (and the jumpers worn by teens then weren’t the least bit frumpy, although they were reasonably modest).

All the jumpers I see these days, though, make the wearer look pregnant, which is all the reason I need NEVER to wear one (I’m not married).


No offense but those particular jumpers (and other items on that site), remind me of the polygamist Mormon communities where all women and girls dress alike.

There are plenty of modest outfits that don’t look like you escaped from the FLDS, but forgot to go shopping.


I always thought they were “frumpy”. They only look good on women who have nice shaped bodies. If you have a nice shaped body…then maybe you can get by saying it is “modest wear”. For the rest of us, we just look extra frumpy. ICK…


Jumpers are rather popular with female members of the Old Rite Orthodox Cathedral in Erie, PA.

In their tradition, they do a lot of prostrations, so jumpers provide for both comfort and modesty.


Lots of women up here wear them in summer… and they almost all look preggers.

The Old Believers up here tend to wear the traditional sarafan… which might be a better look on many women, since the body of the sarafan is fitted, and so it avoids the pregnant look.


Most of the women I see wearing them are either: Mormon, Quaker or Pregnant. Or maybe they just all look pregnant?


It only seems proper to wear if you are a member of the FLDS. Seems just as cultural as the hijab that muslim women wear and I wouldn’t think it would be proper for Catholic women to adopt that culture and way of dressing.


Um - good luck with that part. This topic typically gets pretty heated. :stuck_out_tongue:





Frumpy, and in all honesty not really modest because they draw attention to the person in an unflattering way just as something skimpy would. Sure it covers everything, but it also makes you stand out like a sore thumb. I’m sure some of the wearers intend that, or at least don’t mind it.

As a woman I can surely appreciate the challenge of dressing modestly, but really, there are ‘mainstream’ (for lack of a better word?) modest clothes out there in abundance. But then again, my standards of modesty as a Catholic don’t require me to look for clothes like that, so my perspective is different.:shrug:


Everything I wear looks frumpy, I’m just a frumpy kind of person. I could wear a string bikini and look frumpy (for about 10 seconds before someone wrapped me in a beach towel to stop the sight pollution :o)

Jumpers don’t have to look frumpy if they are properly tailored - hint they should have a similar shape to the wearer and darts are a wonderful invention, and if the blouse worn with the jumper is also properly fitted. Go to the link that the OP provided and look at the jumper in the first column about three or four rows down. See the reddish jump worn over the square shaped sweater? That is just ugly and it doesn’t have to be. Keep the sweater for wear with skirts. Wear a fitted short sleeve blouse with the jumper. Now you have two modest outfits and no frump factor.


Jumpers? No, thanks. Reminds me of my grade school days (Catholic school), when the jumpers were for the little girls. Getting to wear the skirt instead was something to look forward to! I think I had a jumper when I was pregnant, but I wouldn’t be caught dead in one now.


*I wear a lot of casual dresses when I’m at home not at work, lately. I wear skirts, capris, pants, but I do enjoy summer dresses…and Florida is so very HOT right now. I feel very feminine wearing dresses, and hubby likes them too. :love:When I see these pics of these jumpers, the same thing occurs to me too…the polygamist sects. :blush: But, there has been a twist to this jumper as of late…the waist is pulled in, and the styles are very nice. I don’t wear it with a shirt underneath, and it looks more like a summer dress. It’s hard to explain, if I can find a pic online of what I’m talking about here, I’ll post it! *


I just went to the macys website, to look for some styles of what I wear, and what I’m talking about…almost like an updated, modern version of a jumper/sundress. These styles are popular here in Florida…Worn with a nice pair of sparkly flip flops and you have a nice everyday summer outfit, which I think looks modest on me. You be the judge. :slight_smile:


*The last one I actually have…so comfy…so cute…and it’s modest…so somewhat of a modern version of the old ‘jumpers.’ *


VERY CUTE!!! Definitely NOT what I would consider jumpers - these are sun dresses or tank dresses. Perfect for Florida heat. But I’m sure not modest enough for the jumperites, unless you put a t-shirt under them. And then I think the tops of some of them might be too tight. :rolleyes:

Personally - I think they are just fine. :smiley:



Yes, these are just EXAMPLES…lol, but really, they are modest. If you wear one for mass, you can wear a light sweater, buttoned at the top button. I really love the longer ones, they are so fun! I also like skirts…that are about knee length, and pair that with a cute tee shirt. Just a nice diversion from capris, shorts, or jeans. :thumbsup:


Those are cute! Along the line of what I was thinking too are the very ‘in’ maxi dresses with or without a cardigan.


It’s funny. I remember buying a corduroy jumper at a craft fair back in the 90’s, and a matching one for my daughter. I was in my 20’s then. I am in my 40’s now and can not imagine wearing something so frumpy now. What was I thinking?

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