Women's March Featured Speaker Who Kidnapped, Raped and Tortured a Man to Death


Women’s March Featured Speaker Who Kidnapped, Raped and Tortured a Man to Death





Whoa - that is a bad woman. A real role model ha ha. What a story!


She is open about her past, having written a book about it, and it’s not exactly a secret:


Not sure what these bloggers are trying to accomplish, other than further shame and embarrass anyone with a past. I’m all for those with convictions taking steps to clean up their act. Aren’t you?


How would a blogger shame and embarrass her if she has already written a book and is out speaking?


Not exactly the kind of thing you would miss in their bio is it? That march was ill planned from the start.


What a shame! :frowning:


A stellar cast of participants ,speaks volumes…:mad:


Wow what do you get out of her except a complete horrible person?


I missed the part where she expresses remorse for cruelly murdering a man. The web site talks about how she was a victim, with a “spiral of events that lead [sic] to her incarceration.” People with evil pasts can provide a powerful testimony, as the apostle Paul shows, but only when they sincerely repent.


She’s a respected Spokeswoman now!!


She’s probably what Ashley Judd had in mind when she said “I’m a nasty woman”.


IIRC, there is a “kazook”…



Redemption is certainly what it is all about, however I would be more convinced if she would express more regret for her role in what happened to that man (he begged her to help him!) than pity for herself.


yes she is definitely a nasty woman. Why do women want to be identified as nasty?:confused::confused:


Ah, I see. So it’s not ok to be “pro-life” for someone with a criminal convinction related to a violent act? Everyone is redeemable. Even her.


Oh, I think they are shedding on who the leadership is, which is a good thing.

And I agree it’s not uncommon. As long as the criminal behavior wasn’t committed by a straight white male republican, it can either excused, ignored or even justified by the standards of the regressive left.


I agree, but speaking a rally like this (if invited to do so by organizers) is horrible optics.

The issue isn’t can she be forgiven or saved, we all know the answer is YES. It’s a matter of public scandal.


Clinton supporters call themselves nasty as a way to support Clinton after Trumped called her that. Kind of like “if he’s an idiot, I’m an idiot too”


Much like the people calling themselves deplorable.

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