Women's March is the Biggest Protest on US History as an Estimated 2.9 Million March




I wouldn’t call this a Women’s March as several pro-life women’s groups were not invited. This cannot be called a Women’s March!!!


Your constant derogatory comments on threads in this sub forum do not contribute to the discussion. Further, it’s not up to you to police what people call their protests.


Am I not allowed my opinion? Who made you the police?


What forum rule was broken?


:rolleyes: Then I’m allowed my opinion as well, and my opinion is that your comments are rude and combative. And it’s rich to accuse me of “policing” when that’s what you’re doing by screeching about how it’s not a real Women’s March.


Incredible turn out, only goes to show how polarized and hurting American society is at the present hour.


I never said you didn’t. Why are you making it pesonal?



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Oh my heart is so full! :yyeess: :yyeess: :heart:

I was at the Austin Texas March with my little nieces. Incredible to see so many young girls.


Are the protests because of what he said about women?

What is he going to do that will affect women’s rights in america?


He plans to defund planned parenthood and put pro-life justices on the court.


Yes, definitely affects unborn women’s rights!


I will have to agree with Michael. He is right.

It is a march that does not represent women of various views. I as a pro-lifer am not represented by those women.


That’s a big part, from what I’ve heard from those that attended various marches. There’s also LGBTQ rights and repealing ACA, as well as what is seen as hateful and divisive rhetoric in general, such as his comments about immigrants. A few also mentioned his cabinet picks, such as DeVos. I don’t think abortion is the main issue for those I talked to, but I’d say most of them, not all but most, are pro choice.


Actually, these gals are reacting to overblown rhetoric and scare tactics left over from the election. None of the “horrors” they think will happen are going to happen. No one will be taking any true freedoms away from them. Rather, under the new administration, agendas of the few will no longer be imposed on the many, as is only right and proper in a representative democracy.


I too am curious what the (select) women are actually protesting. I’m pretty sure many more than this amount of women actually voted for him.

Here is the only reference from the article:
… the American people are not going accept the agenda of the Trump administration without a serious fight.


…ummmm, the American people voted him into the presidency. It honestly sounds like a bunch of sore loses to me.



A lot of histrionics on display yesterday by some of the speakers and attendees.


Unless I’m mistaken, more women voted for trump than for Hillary, right?


No march is going to represent everyone. I am saddened that those groups were excluded, as well, but to me that does not destroy the other legitimate concerns of those who marched. For example, if there was a march against anti semitism and they decided not to allow anti Zionist groups to march, that to me would not mean they are not allowed to call it a Jewish March, just because some Jewish people are anti Zionists and it’s a contentious issue. It can still be a women’s march even if they disagree with us on certain things. And maybe I was too harsh myself, but it’s annoying to see the same rude posts on every thread with a bunch of exclamation points. Maybe I need to take a break from the internet; I live just outside DC and seeing everyone scream back and forth about Trump and the protests is getting on my nerves.

I hope this post did a better job of explaining my reasoning.

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