Women's Orders which kneel for Communion

So I’m discerning religious life (going on three years now), and I am fairly confident in the Lord’s calling for me.

My dilemma is that He has fashioned in me a very traditional heart, yet also one of service. I wanted to know if any of you know of any traditional women’s communities which have an active apostolate, but also receive Holy Communion while kneeling, preferably at the altar rail (but not necessary).

I’ve been going bonkers trying to find such a community, but perhaps I’m just not equipped to find them on my own.

Can you help?

Thank you!

Hi Katie,

I assume you are looking for an order in the U.S.? The Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary have both a women’s and men’s order in MA. They are very traditional and celebrate the TLM daily. They are in full communion with the Church. Here’s a link: saintbenedict.com/theorder/about-order.html

Perhaps one of these communities might interest you:



Yes, USA is where I’m searching.

I guess another question I have that sort of stems from this would be: would it be prudent for me to enter a religous community which does not kneel for Communion (but are still very orthodox and obedient to Rome), and ask to kneel when I receive?

I think I know the answer, but I just want to get other opinions. :slight_smile:

hmmmm, I would pose that question when you contact the particular order. Is it just being able to kneel that you are looking for or are you drawn more to Traditional Catholic Spirituality in general?

I personally LOVE the Tridentine Mass, I try to make it to one every Sunday if travel does not prevent me from finding one.

I’m attending my very first EF mass this weekend, and I’m very excited!

I studied Latin a bit my second year of college, and I do love the traditional ways of Holy Mother Church, but I also see the beauty of the OF since I’ve grown up with it.

I kneel for Communion at my OF parish, but get enough dirty looks for it. I’ve tried to be “normal” and stand, but my soul just cries out in protest! :shrug:

I would actually dare say there may be some orders that kneel as a matter of discipline even for the OF, but I don’t have a source for this though. There are still a good number of traditional orders though that are in good standing with the Church to investigate if you feel drawn to the EF Mass.

Experience the TLM for a few Sundays and see where the Lord leads you. You may feel a little bit overwhelmed with it all at first. The first time just prayerfully experience it, recognizing and lifting up your heart in the parts of the Mass that you recognize, but don’t worry if you can’t follow along with everything that happens.

It took me about four TLM’s before I could really actively follow along and know exactly what was happening, of course I have zero background in Latin though. Let us know how it goes.

You are in my prayers, God bless. :slight_smile:

PS- Kneeling for Holy Communion at the Communion rail was one of the first things that drew me twoards the EF Mass, even though I can’t recieve yet since I haven’t yet recieved my initiatory Sacraments.

I’ve been to a Latin OF a few times, but I’m definitely looking forward to the sacred silence of the TLM this weekend. And the modest clothing.

I really have hope that someday in the future, altar rails will come back into our churches.

Thank you for the encouragement! I will let you know how it goes!

Dear Katie,
Try the Sisters of Charity of Our Lady, Mother of the Church in Baltic, CT. As far as I know they kneel for Holy Communion every day and they wear a full habit. God bless you.

Sister Mary Rose, DMML

I honestly think that how the community receives communion should maybe be at the bottom of your list, in your discernment.

You are making a commitment for life, not dissimilar to a marriage. You will never find a mate, or community, that meets 100% of your requirements.

I’ve been hanging around Benedictines (men) for the last 10 years. It happens to be a monastery with a very beautiful liturgy in Gregorian chant, and it is very orthodox (as “traditionalist” as we can get around here without breaking away from Rome).

They have turned away candidates who placed too high an emphasis on the aesthetic aspects (i.e. the liturgy, traditionalism), even though they sorely could use more vocations. I’m just saying this to avoid future heartbreak. You really have to embrace the values of the order or congregation you are hoping to join. For Benedictines it is seeking God through a life of contemplation and the Work of God (Divine Office), and labour.

Part of that also includes accepting the shortcomings of your community and its members. You may for instance, be sitting next to someone in the refectory for 60 years who slurps her soup loudly, and you may find that far more irritating than how communion is received.

We will be judged, in the end, not on how we received communion but on how we embraced Christian charity.

Thank you, Sr. Mary Rose for the recommendation!

OraLabora, thank you for your suggestions. The posture for receiving Holy Communion is one of the last things I’m taking into account. I’ve been discerning for 3-ish years now, finding out which charisms I like and which apostolates I feel our Lord has designed me for. Only after discerning those aspects have I begun to consider how our Jesus is received at Mass.

I have a hard time standing for Communion because I’m simply not worthy to even be receiving Him, let alone standing in front of Him. In His presence, I feel that I belong on my knees, especially at the most intimate union I will ever have with Him on this earth.

Those are just my opinions. Of course, if I visit a community and my heart falls in love, and I know in my soul this is where the Lord wants me, and they don’t kneel, I’ll still go there if that’s what Jesus asks. But for now, while I’m still in discernment, posture for Communion is one of the factors that I must take into consideration. I do agree that it’s not of the utmost importance, but nevertheless, I have a deep desire to kneel when He and I become one flesh.

In His love,

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