Women's Orders which kneel for Communion


So I’m discerning religious life (going on three years now), and I am fairly confident in the Lord’s calling for me.

My dilemma is that He has fashioned in me a very traditional heart, yet also one of service. I wanted to know if any of you know of any traditional women’s communities which have an active apostolate, but also receive Holy Communion while kneeling, preferably at the altar rail (but not necessary).

I’ve been going bonkers trying to find such a community, but perhaps I’m just not equipped to find them on my own.

Can you help?

Thank you!


Hello Katie, I am so glad to hear you are discerning! I do not know of any particular active community that kneels only, but any community should give you the option of standing or kneeling. I went to an active Carmelite community where most of the sisters received standing and on the tongue (they received by intinction), but two received kneeling. I would say not to focus so much on that one issue (of how you receive communion) but be open to wherever God is calling you. I will attach a couple of links that list several really awesome traditional communities. God bless you :slight_smile:




Thank you for those links!

I hope you are right about the communities letting the individual Sister choose her posture for Communion, although I get the impression that all the Sisters would ideally receive likewise so as to establish the unity of the group.

But I guess every community does things differently. Which is why discernment is so challenging, yet so exciting!

Thank you again, the links are very helpful. (I'm glad you chose the cmswr! ;))


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