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I know some people who believe that Christianity is extremely sexest to women and also degrade women. What could read on to show that the church or christianity has done alot for womens rights…

One thing i mention is just because men and women have roles on this earth for example…

It is the duty of a women to give birth to the child.

Just because there are certain roles does not mean that men are greater, smarter beings. Men are not automatically superiour. Genesis does say that God made man and woman in his image.
Is this correct to say. In case you haven’t noticed i am dealing with a woman who passionately believes that woman have be surpressed and they can do whatever a man can do…:o

Michael Ivan Mendieta:)


Its only women that can give birth to a child. Men can’t.


Really??? It is my duty to give birth to a child???:rolleyes:
Oh my what about all of those woman that for whatever reason will never be able to fufill** this duty**???

a woman that feels felow woman need to be surpressed and that they can do whatever a man can do???
Sorry this makes NO sense!


You are basically correct, although you might not want to use the word *duty *to describe motherhood. Maybe just say that women have the ability to carry life in their womb, something men, obviously can’t do.


I think maybe Mendieta is a foreign speaker of our language and that can make wording posts difficult.


"i am dealing with a woman who passionately believes that woman have be suppressed…

Many women (and men) have been suppressed throughout history, more often then not by secularist or atheistic governments, big business, and big fashion. The Church is the greatest defender of women, children and the poor in history. Please brush up on your history.

"and they can do whatever a man can do…"
Big Deal…what’s your friend’s point…


during those times in history when women were most surpressed so were men who were members of minorities, among the poor, or those men who didn’t quite fit into the surronding society. So, yes women have been surpressed but so has everyone else!


In fact Christianity and the Christian Church is the faith that has done the most to enhance the position of women over the past 2,000 years. But modern feminists love to deride and attack the one force that has done more for women than any other.

The New Testament treats women and men as equal in value under God, unlike many other religions where women are less likely to be saved, or have to be re-born as men before they can be saved.

Unlike Judaism which says “Death came through Eve”, Catholic Christianity says “Death through Eve, Life through Mary.”

In the Catholic Church and the other ancient churches, Mary is revered as the highest created being, and along with many female saints given prayer, praise, high honour and regard. This led to the status of women rising under Christianity.

How many Roman Emperors or Persian rulers were women, for example? How many Queens ruled in their own right outside Pharonic Egypt -(and even there it was rare).


Christianity enabled women to become - not priests - but consecrated in religious orders, nuns, Abesses, even Doctors of the Church - a very rare thing in other religions or cultures. Abbesses like Hilda, Hildegard and Cathwerine of Sienna had important roles in learning and the faith.

The Church sponsored schools and education for women, and in the Middle Ages, women were seen in law as equal to men in rights of testimony and ownership. The word “obey” was only introduced into marriage vows at the time of the Reformation, when the more anti-women views of Luther and Knox started to be heard.


This would help me in another discussion I’m having. Do you have a web source on this? I don’t have too much money to invest in “Luther books” right now. Thanks!


I would suggest you read The Privilege of Being a Woman by Dr. Alice Von Hildebrand. It is only $6.95 and it defends the Christian view (which is not oppressive as some would believe) of women. It is wonderful. You could also read John Paul II’s apostolic letter Mulieris Dignitatum: On the Dignity and Vocation of Women.


Thank you all for your response, i have also just purchased “The Privilege of Being a Woman by Dr. Alice Von Hildebrand” as suggested by The_Vatican_Two… I look forward to reading

Axion you mentioned Christian faith has done the most, can you suggest a website to read which shows this through out history.

Michael Ivan Mendieta:)


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