Wonderful Catholic Artist


I wasn’t sure what forum to post this on; Popular Media didn’t seem to fit and for me, it’s more about spirituality.

I “discovered” :slight_smile: a Catholic artist on the internet awhile back whose work is just so joyous it blows me away and I wanted to share it with you. I corresponded with him a few times and finally asked if it would be ok if I posted some of his art on CA to show you. He gave permission and told me to choose which to post. His name is Jim Janknegt, he’s in the Austin, Texas area. His art has a colorful joyous quality that draws on the Mexican influence in this area. He does secular art as well, and it’s wonderful, but it’s the Catholic / Christian art I want to show you. The joyful art makes me happy and the more serious topics are heart-stopping. There’s something about his art that makes me feel as though a spring breeze has just wafted past…or that a steel beam has just hit me in the head. Ok, that’s goofy, but whatever.

Unfortunately, I can’t figure out how to post the art here. I can save to my computer, but can’t copy / paste for some reason. So I’ll just post one of the websites. (Brilliant Corners ArtFarm) I hope you’ll check it out. One of the paintings I really wanted to post is “The Nativity”. Note especially the Wise Men coming in from the street.

Go into Paintings for Sale on the website; this will get you a good representation of his work. There are other websites as well. Inexpensive prints are available and browsing / enjoying is totally free!


Hope you enjoy Jim’s work!


Hi “FF” :wave: Thank you for posting the sight! “The Flight Into Egypt” came up on the first page (and then, scrolling to “right” all the rest). What vivid, beautiful colors he uses. He has an interesting, contemporary style… which reminds me of something… but I can’t remember what! :shrug: His style is reminiscent of… hmm… maybe Van Gogh? Not sure. Being a native of Southern California, I can definitely see a sort of “California” style, too.

Anyway… thanks for posting! God bless and a Merry Christmas to you. :smiley:


Oh, these are beautiful! What a unique take on biblical events and parables he has. I like especially “The Return.”

Thanks for spreading the word about these, I love religious art.


Jim does such an incredible job of taking Christianity and Catholic devotion and placing it in the context of everyday life.


Thanks for posting these. The paintings are joyful and full of life.


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