Wonderful vocations experiences!


Hi everyone. I hope y'all are doing well. I just wanted to share some wonderful experiences with my vocational discernment recently and wanted to make a thread where others could share their moments of joy in their discernment.

For those of you who don't know me on here, I guess I'll give some background. I've been discerning for roughly four and a half years now. In the middle of that I became a hard core SSPX-er then borderline sedevacantist. (I hope I'm allowed to say that...? Please let me know if it's not...) Toward the end of this summer I had a total crisis of faith and almost lost it completely. My prayers and my friends' prayers for me worked I guess and I rejoined communion with Rome and my faith came back stronger than ever. I picked up my discernment where I left off and I've recently had the opportunity to attend a vocation retreat with the Carmelites and visit the Augustinians. These visits confirmed in my mind so many ways why I am on fire for the Catholic Church. I've never met such wonderful groups of men in my life. Both groups matched completely with what I've been looking for in an order which has brought me some major peace of mind. I've still got plenty of time to discern though.

So anyone else have any great discernment moments recently?



I don't know if these events are what I call wonderful but they are interesting from my life. I have been discerning for about 4 years now and lately I have had some struggles and some interesting events.

The first one would be that I asked St. Therese to help. I asked her to show me a white rose if I were to be a nun and a red rose if I were to marry. Later that day or the next day, I'm not sure now, I was watching the Hallmark channel when one of their commercials came on. It was a commercial to promote their cards but the whole thing took place in the setting of a wedding, that had white roses everywhere in the scene. That was one clue, I guess you could say.

The second most recent one was when I was in church last week, singing in the choir. I was looking up at the huge statue of Jesus rising from his cross on the back wall of the Alter. When I looked Jesus in the face, in my mind it shined and I could see Jesus smiling down at me. I could not take my eyes off the Statue. I was overwhelmed with the feeling of a strong, passionate love and I could heat my self say in my head, "...and someday I wish to call you my Spouse!" Once I had said that I was frozen still with a little shock and filled with a sense of peace and total happiness. I felt most at home there, in the church. I am not quite sure what to think of it but I feel that is a huge sign from God about my discernment.

Right now, my discernment is important for me, because I will have to remain strong in my faith, no matter the outcome, for when I leave for a public university next year. I am a little scared that my faith may dampen and that I will be tempted by men but I keep praying that I will not. Please pray for me as my journey continues to deepen in many ways. Any of your thoughts about my discernment is most welcome.

I am glad for those discerning and may you ever grow closer to Him, in this time of prayer.


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