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Hello. I am new to this and quite inept. I want to ask if anyone else believes that we are living in the End Times and that Jesus will be returning soon. I believe this and would like to talk to others about it. Almost no one I know wants to explore this idea. Hope I’m not alone. Thanks and bless your heart for reading this.

Hi sistyelder, welcome to the forums. Yes, I feel that sometimes. There so much evil in the world with abortion, new inventions, people wanting to go against the church’s teachings. I don’t know when Jesus will come but I pray that when He does, He can take us with Him. God bless you.

I won’t be surprised if the second coming of the Lord (which only God the Father knows) is happening anytime soon. We have been testimonies of what Our Lady was telling us in some of her approved revelations including priests in the Church and Bishops believing and teaching wrongly, and some are " gun-shy" on telling the truth. This is why we need to pray daily for the priests!

I remember grandma telling us that when she was in high school, people were seriously believing that the end was coming in a specific year (maybe they heard it from superstition, divination, or whatever that was non-Catholic), and people went crazy having sex and eloping, doing horrible things because “the world was going to end”. It was really stupid, like my grandma said.

No man knows the day or the hour…

Almost every generation has had those who believed that the times were ripe for the end times, but I think the issue can be a distraction from what we are supposed to be doing (growing in holiness), so it strikes me as a topic people should be very careful about.

Exactly. May God find us repentant and confessed!

Pax Christi!

Yes, I believe it, and not only because of the news these days. For almost two thousand years folks have pointed to the news of the day as evidence, even proof of the End.

Rather, I echo the sentiments of those who heed our Lady’s pleas and warnings at the various approved(!!) locutions: Fatima, Lourdes and others.

Penance! Penance! Penance!

God bless.

My mother was sure it was going to happen in her life time and she has been dead for nine years. I’m hoping it happens after I’m in heaven.

btw, you might find this link helpful

Why do you think this? The Blessed Trinity acts in unity.

May God Bless you

No I don’t believe it and it does not matter anyway since God told us to always be ready.

It comes from Matthew 24:36, in which Jesus said “But about that day and hour no one knows, neither the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father." Very similar wording appears also in Mark 13:32.


St Francis has a great point. I myself try to focus on being a better Christian rather than when is Christ coming. To me focusing on it does nothing but make me worry and stress.

Yes and no.

I’m no expert on eschatological theology; we “may” be in the end times, but remember that God operates on a cosmic scale, and “end times” may end up being several thousand years.

That said, a casual reading of Saint Paul’s epistles will reveal that the debauchery we know around us was around Paul as well. Nothing new under the sun. Human nature hasn’t really changed over the years. I think St. Paul thought the end times were near as well. Here we are 2000 years or so later.

But we should always be prepared, because the end times for each of us as an individual is much, much closer, and we don’t really know the hour for that either.

I will agree that the way the world is going, it appears that the end is near, however, if one is not careful and decide to read all the websites or books on this, they will find that there is a great difference from what the Catholic Church teaches and what protestants (not all) teach. It appears that these websites are all from fundamentalist protestants and there are many.

I know this personally, as my daughter who is bi-polar became very religious and at first everything was within Catholic traditions. Then she met a person on Facebook who put ideas into her mind about the last days that were far from what the BVM said at Fatima. She has mixed up the spiritual and the end times movement. I understand that she does have a brain disease, but if you look on the web it appears thousands believe what she does.

I see many bad things happening in the US, however, I don’t believe that we are all to be beheaded or put in FEMA camps etc. These are just some of what she has learned on the web and believes them. Now she has nothing but fear about what will happen.

We need to listen to what our Lord said and just always be prepared spiritually for His coming and trust that we will not be going through a horrible “tribulation”, as my daughter puts it.

This is just my opinion and I live each day not in fear, but as our Lord has taught us.

Yours in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary


When will the end times come? When all the world follows His Word. When we live as brothers and sisters as he taught us. We are to work to bring the Kingdom of God. What is the Kingdom like. The tree from the mustard seed were all the birds of the air flock and nest. It is open to all who believe.
For Catholics who follow and practice His teachings, we should have fear. Our own lives may end today, but we have been promised a dwelling place in God’s Kingdom. Even if Christ were to come today, we should be ready and joyous. The end of this temporal life should not be feared, if we are living as our Lord taught us in all ways.

Dcn. Frank

Welcome to the forums!

There’s a thread in the Back Fence sub-forum of this board that discusses your topic in depth with like-minded people such as yourself. It’s gone on for ages and it appears they now even have a social group. Look specifically at Post #5 to see all the threads on this discussion. There is really quite a bit of info here:


Didn’t St. Vincent Ferrer believe he was living in that “end times” as well?

I agree it is nothing but a distraction to dwell on it. We are certainly living in evil times. I used to think the most evil; that is, until I started reading books about church history.

Now, the only thing that I am astonished about is that, with all of our education and the books available for us to read, we just keep repeating the same mistakes over and over. We have learned nothing. The only things that change are the names and target groups.

Human nature never changes. We can dress it up all we want, but mankind is mankind.

Thanks for your reply. You are so right that only the Father knows and we need to be careful of this subject, that is why I am so happy to have a place to air my thoughts and get good feedback. Let me say this, Let’s all be good scouts and live holy and Be Prepared!:slight_smile:

Thanks so much. I am so happy to be able to air my thoughts in such an accepting and gentle forum. I look forward to reading and joining in discussions with such people as you are. God bless you.:thumbsup:

the first christians also thought the end was near. But I believe some critical prophecies have now come to light and want all my brethren to watch and be ready . Thanks for replying to my concern. :slight_smile:

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