i am wondering.
i married a divorced woman with a kid, and her first husband was not the father. before we married though we ended up having a son. we were married in a baptist church, the church we were raised in, but we were not living as christians should. i am now in RCIA after about 2 years of reading and thinking. when i first met the priest i talked about my situation but not really. so, what i am asking is if i could be accepted in the Catholic Church. i should add here that a cradle catholic i know says i should abandon my wife and son and step son and don’t look back because i am living in sin and could never live in a state of grace. so i was wondering if there was some hope out there for me. it’s a weird subject to bring up.


Your wife would need to seek an annulment, and until then, as long as you live as brother and sister, you will not be living in sin. T alk to the priest at your parish, but because you have a child together and you are a father figure to your stepson, abandonment is not recommended by any priest I know of (nor the Catholic Church). I had a child with a married man and while we were advised to remain co-parents, he was NEVER advised to abandon our daughter, NEVER EVER!!! He is now seeking an annulment and it seems almost likely he will receive one (she wasn’t baptized, took contraceptives, he felt forced into the marriage). Ask your wife to apply for an annulment.


that means i can’t “know” my wife, eh?




This might be helpful:




Yep, difficult but if an annulment is granted and you two marry in the Church, the time of non-sexual affection will purify and better your marriage.


yeah. heh. i know that’s what it meant. still, i’m a 23 year old guy and i was holding out for hope. my wife will like that answer though. she’s not catholic and it doesn’t look as if she will ever change. thanks.


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