Words of priests which you have heard and which stay with you


“If all you do is pray your Rosary at night it is NOT enough.”

and in Confession “What do you do all day?”


My pastor was announcing that The Apostles Fast was approaching. This is one of four fasting periods in the Byzantine calendar. In the US, the Ruthenian bishops do not require a particular fasting discipline beyond Friday abstinence,but the penitential season is to be observed. Father announced it by saying, “These days, the fast is voluntary. But then again, so is our faith.”


The first class I took in my Master’s program was taught by a well respected diocesan priest. He said,
“Pray as you can, not as you can’t. What matters is that you pray.”


Another one, this time from a visiting priest. He is a friend of my pastor and was visiting from Europe. He was telling a story about a retired priest in a small village in Europe. This priest was constantly at odds with the mayor of the village, who did not want the priests many programs outreach to the marginalized in her village. Their fights were public and, apparently, legendary.

A local journalist was interviewing the priest for a story about his outtreach programs. The priest was talking about the need to love our neighbor and how his programs are a way to show Christ’s love to the drunk, the drug addicts, the homeless, Etc. He went on and on about how we are required to love everybody, not just those who make us comfortable. The reporter asked him, “What about the mayor? Do you love her?” The priest chuckled and ruefully answered, " I am in the school of love. Sometimes I get really bad grades, but I haven’t been kicked out yet. I think I’m going to be in school for a very long time, but if I don’t get expelled, I’m still learning."

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