Words of Wisdom for Election Day and Beyond

Posted online today by a priest of my diocese:

The true test of a Christian is not how much he loves his friends; it’s how much he loves his foes.

If you dare call yourself a Christian think—well better yet pray—about the above before you post what you will post today.

Otherwise, the venom you spew in a post will only drive people further away from an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ. Because your ‘relationship’ with Him stops at the altar of politics and not at the altar of the Lord.

Let freedom ring. But more importantly—Let Christ Reign.

Amen, Father. Amen.


Good reminder!

Has he been posting the same for the past four years?

Let’s be honest here, the venom spewed over Trump has been every single day

I saw some totally silly stuff on another forum earlier with people asking, if Biden wins, will it be a “chastisement” from God.

I know there are a lot of Catholics who heavily favor Trump or really don’t like Biden, but there are tons of Democratic politicians who are way worse than Biden, who is a fairly ordinary career Washington politician, not the Antichrist, and not even one of the particularly obnoxious variety. He actually has some ability in building coalitions and that sort of thing. I myself find Biden much more palatable than Bill Clinton, who I had to put up with for two terms (I considered him an embarrassment to the Democratic Party), and even slightly preferable to Obama, who seemed to be out of touch with much of the US during his second term.


…and someone didn’t listen to the OP…way to go…/s


Surely you’re not suggesting criminal activity.

I earlier asked this this priest had made the same statement during the past 4 years while the venom was poured all over trump every single day?

I ask the same of you? Where you only to willing to say just how awful trump was for you?

I kinda figure this was going to happen. There has not been a day in which Trump was not vilified.

You watch, Biden will be off limits, if you say anything negative about him you will be canceled. It just happened to me. A post of mine was removed that was negative about Biden. But if you said the exact same thing about Trump. No Problem. And it has been said of Trump on this board.

Next we will hear how it is time to heal. time to accept that America has spoken. Let’s hold hand and sing the coke song. How dare you say anything disrespectful of the President. You are a racist, ageist, sexist, old white man hater, etc etc etc.

Old white men are ok if they are leftist.

Let’s see how long this post stay up?

There are tons of negative posts about Biden that the mods didn’t have to remove.

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Aahhh! But somebody is wrong on the internet!

And my post will totally turn it all around!

For once and for all!



No one’s post is that important, including my own, that the world stops turning because it gets removed.

A beautiful reminder that our differences don’t have to lead to fear, hatred, mistrust or descent. We would be much better off as a society when we reach out our hand with all our heart to better understand the differences that hurt & ultimately put us on the path to healing that divide.

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But today it is one post, tomorrow it will be censorship of anything as label hate speech. There are leftist openly saying that Trump and his supports need to be rounded up and dealt with.

You have clinton saying to biden, under no circumstance should you concede, but now saying Trump better not sue.

For that that shall not be labeled, if they didnt have double standards they would have any standards.

Somebody totally missed the whole point of this thread. :roll_eyes:

My point is simple, if this priest has not been preaching the same thing for the past four years, then he is a shill for the democratic party.

And for those to start saying we need to watch what we say because it is hateful and yet didnt say the same thing 4 years ago. You are wrong.

How do you know he hasn’t been saying it for the last 8 years? Or 12 years? It doesn’t matter how long he has been saying it if it is true. Someone is allowed to have a new thought they didn’t have 4, 8 or 12 or more years ago. I am not sure why you think no one is allowed to speak unless they have “always said” something. You are reading your own political slant into a comment that applies to all people.


In all seriousness, before the Election Day I had decided that no matter how it pans out, my job is to pray for our nation and hold my loved ones close.


As someone who thinks President Trump has been the worst ever, the last for years has been an opportunity to at least try to give him a chance, be patient and kind with his loyal supporters and deal with my own anger and frustrations better…as well as depression.

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According to Google, today, the day after the US election, there is a spike in searches by Americans on how to move to Canada. Not a good sign.

I would think that would be from last night when Trump was the projected winner, not now when it looks like Biden will win. In 2016 about every other person I know was nattering on about moving to Canada. None of them actually did it, not even the people I know who live right next to the border and could probably relocate with relative ease. (One thing that annoys me about people is that most of them, not all but most, are all talk and no action; I don’t believe one should say one is going to do things, such as leave the country, unless one means it, and I know people who actually said they were going to leave and then made a plan and left, so those are the people I respect.)

Many years ago I used to kick around the idea of migrating to the Canadian side of Lake Erie just because I liked it so much there when we visited annually, but after many years my husband and I took a day trip back there shortly before he passed, and some things had changed not for the better, plus I didn’t feel like I really belonged there. I’m 2 generations removed from Ontario and did discover a bunch of distant cousins there via one of the DNA geneaology sites.

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