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Where can I find the full text of the mass with all of the options of texts available to the priest? I am talking about the ordinary form mass. The reason I ask is that one priest usually says the texts that can be found in the misallette (the seasonal disposable one found in the pew) while another priest usually says a shorter text that cannot be found in the misallette. The former goes through all of the texts which include listing saint names Linus, Cletus, Clement… and elsewhere Perpetua, Agatha, Lucy, Agnes…


There are so many Eucharistic Prayers that it’s hard to figure out which one your priest is using.

The long one is the Roman Canon, Eucharistic Prayer 1. I haven’t heard that one in a decade or more at my parish.

If he’s anything like our priests, the other one is using Eucharistic Prayer II or III. Aren’t they in your missalette? My Sunday Missal (an annual paperback) has 10 different Eucharistic Prayers and that doesn’t include the ones for Masses with Children.

Here’s a site that has the texts:


I only ever hear the Cannon at an EF Mass. There are so many options that it’s easy to get list if following with a Missal.


How does one “hear the Canon at an EF Mass”? It is said silently! :eek:


It sounds like the OP may be refering to Eucharistic Prayer I in the OF. If so, it is my understanding that in the EF, where it is the Canon and only Eucharistic Prayer, all the saints must be named. In the OF, some of them may be omitted. Does any one know if I am right?


I believe you are.


Good point. How about only time I see it used?


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