Can anybody tell me what it means when I read the bible and the words explode (in a good way) so much that I can’t read many verses.


Its happened to me many times. I think its when my heart and mind is extremely open to listen to the Spirit that its like every passage is impregnated with so much meaning that I just have to spend time contemplating on it.


You are being blessed. Savor those minutes and don’t try to rush them in order to read more. It’s wonderful to commune with God as He’s granting you these favors.

It is always good to read small portions of Scripture and meditate on them.


Have you tried utilizing the Lectio Divina method of reading the scriptures? This may help you with this ‘explosion’ you are experiencing. The Lectio Divina method dates back to an early monastic tradition and is a deliberate, deep reading of the scriptures. Reading the Sacred Scriptures through the Lectio Divina method would flow as follows:

Enter a quite area and reflect that you are about to read the divinely inspired Word of God. Ask the Lord to open your heart to His word. Start by choosing a passage from the Gospels or one of the epistles, increasing the length as you begin to move through. Read the selected passage, and then pause to reflect on the reading. Focus on a word or phrase that really stands out or touches your heart. After reflection, read the passage again.

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