Work Ethic

This may be a strange question but how does a person develop a good work ethic? Is it something that can be developed later in life?

I find the best way to think of work is as a fun activity. Another thing I like to remind myself while working is this quote from a Smoky the Bear ad: “If not you, then who?” :thumbsup:

When you go to work, think of it as your calling from God, and you want to do your best to work for Him. Yes, you can develop good work ethic later in life. For some people, though, it takes a “chat” with the boss or multiple firings before they get it. Think of what you would want an employee to be like if you were the boss, and develop those habits–be on time, don’t fool around at work, learn your job thoroughly, be neat and organized, take only the allotted time for breaks or lunch, don’t gossip or cause trouble with your fellow employees, be respectful, don’t call off unnecessarily–these are a few things employers look for.

IMO, though, the best time to learn is while growing up, from your parents, and by getting to work at an early age.

Before I go to work I pray to God to let me to do my job to the best of my God given ability.

Thanks for your responses. Growing up I feel I was taught to work for results, ie do your homework, study, pass exams and you will get a good job and the reality of the world of work wasn’t what I expected hasn’t been an easy transition. I spent several years in low paying work which meant living with my parents and began to question why I was bothering going out to work when it wasn’t giving me independence.

To be fair I have never been fired or disciplined at work, I turn up on time and just try to get on with it. I try to keep my negativity on the inside. I don’t really know what would give me job satisfaction to be honest and I get a lot more out of trying to be the best wife/daughter/friend I can be to my loved ones anyway.

I will try to get into the habit of praying before work.

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