Work for a company with pro choice values?

I work in a creative industry, and the company I am working for creates a lot of pro choice content and other content that goes against Catholic beliefs (pro birth control, pro gay relationships, etc, but pro choice is probably the most prevalent). I’m wondering if there is anything wrong with being associated with this if I don’t take on projects that go against Church teaching. Thanks in advance!

I’d say as long as you are not involved in these projects, it’s not a sin to work there, but I’d be looking for another job. Why would you work for a company whose values can’t be reconciled with morality? Many (most?) companies these days don’t exactly have stellar values but some are worse than others. I would try to find something at least more neutral.


Thank you. I was curious what others would think. I am sure most companies are lacking Catholic values, but I guess with this, our pro choice work is more obvious or more public compared to a company that quietly donates funds to Planned Parenthood, for example (not that that’s ok or justified at all).

Straight out ask a priest. His advice would be best. Even if you do not make the perfect choice I am sure God will be pleased that you tried to do the right thing and even talked to a priest about it.

Little matters, getting the opinion of others is helpful but something big like a job or career, I would talk to a priest.

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Try not to get involved in that content if you can help it, and definitely keep an eye out for another job in case your employer tries to force you to work on it. And, you could always donate part of the paycheck you get from this pro-choice company to a pro-life group.

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Oh well at least I prefer to work in government.

Um, because OP needs to put food on the table? And, pro-life is always somehow more like pro-birth?

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