Work from home... any ideas?



My wife has worked at nursing homes for several years now and is needs to get out of the field due to a bad back (from lifting so many people) and is getting drained from the day to day sadness of seeing the suffering.

She would love a job where she could work from home and yet make a decent income. She is worried about getting caught-up in a scheme and losing altogether.

Kelly Lynn is excellent at paperwork and getting things done, so she would be a great asset for anything from bookkeeping to online marketing.

Let me know if there are any ideas out there!


Medical Transcriptionist

Our hospital (300 beds, inner city) recently contracted with a medical transcription company where ALL the transcriptionists work from home. The work in the hospital was simply too much for the on-site transcriptionists. ALL of our on-site transcriptionists were hired by this company, and now they do their work from home–isn’t that fantastic for them? And of course, this is cheaper for everyone–no overhead for offices, etc. But the transcriptionists still get excellent wages and benefits–it’s a very in-demand job. This kind of work HAS to be done on time, because expensive and painful delays occur for the patients when their records haven’t been transcribed yet for their M.D.s


how does one go about this?


I am interested for my wife as well. We have seen information floating around about Medical Transcriptionist programs. Most seem to be scams.


She may also want to consider child care - from caring for just one child to possibly several, at whatever ages she might prefer. I did that to allow myself the ability to stay home when my children were young but still have an income. They had friends to play with all day, and I got to spend lots of quality time with all of them. I did carefully screen the “applicants”, though, so they would mesh well with our family, and it worked out wonderfully!

Good luck with whatever route your wife decides to pursue.


My wife is also struggling to find a job. I think a stay at home type job would be great. We have three children and balancing the cost of daycare and the wages for jobs that are avilable is very difficult. We are in Colorado and if you have any ideas how she might get one of these legitimate gigs please let me know.


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