Work from home ideas?

Hey. I am a stay at home dad and am looking for a little suplemental cash. nothing major and very part time. Something in the mornings before the kids get up or during thier naps. I HATE sales so if anyone can help… Some brainstorming perhaps…

If you wife is at home in the EARLY mornings…how about a paper route? I know this sounds dumb, but it is a grown-up supplemental income type of job these days. Often you drive around at like 3-4 in the morning and fill newspaper boxes. That way, maybe you could be home before your wife leaves the house, and you’d be happy to nap with the kids at nap time.

I’ll check that one out.

eBay, if you can find your niche, is very flexible.

Go to the library and check out the book No More Mondays by Dan Miller.

What is the something you do that you do well, that lights you up, that can be done in the early morning or during naps?

That dog poop pick up service in the other thread sounds like an idea.

The paper route idea is really effective if there is home delivery in your area. Most kids can’t deliver papers anymore. There’s too many liabilities for the distributor, and adults are more supposedly reliable. A branch-off idea of this is to fill newspaper boxes, the ones where you drop in 50 cents, pull the handle, and take a paper.

Do you have some sort of craft or hobby that you do, that you can do in the early AM and during naps? You could take it to local craft fairs on the weekends, make it a family thing. You could set up a web site and sell them from there, or off eBay.

Do you have any hobbies that could potentially turn cash? Photography? Writing? Or any other art-form? Perhaps you could slang something of the sort at Saturday Market (if you have one of course.) I sell my photos from time to time and I am working on writing a book, actually on the perils of being a Catholic stay at home mom. If you like to write, I’m certain there is an untapped male audience of stay at home dads who could use some inspiration.

Good luck and I’ll be praying for you…

I know around here there are a lot of janitorial services in the late evenings around here. If you can swing the time after your wife comes home, maybe office cleaning in the evenings?

I dont have any ideas really , I would just stay away from all those “make money from home” schemes that are out there. To actually make any money, you have to put in an excessive amount of time, and in that case you might as well get a job outside the home, andmost are in sales, even if they say they arent, or you are bugging your friends and family to join some membership. AS posted earlier, a paper route is pretty straight forward and I know a friend whose husband had one and it was the perfect answer for a little supplemental income.
Good Luck!

I’ve seen some adds lately for school bus driver. It says you can bring young children along with you. It’s not working from home, but it sounds like it might work with your schedule.

Are you crafty??? I own a boutique and I have a consigner that makes hair bows for little girls. Now she does a GREAT job at it, I have seen some very sloppy ones and would not buy those. Anyway if you want to PM me, I can give you her website. She also has them in boutiques in Indianapolis and Chicago. She sells them to friends and women at her church (most of them are the grandmothers, if you can target them they would be your best customers)

I also second the dog poop service that I mentioned on another thread. Seriously, my friend is making bank on picking up dog poo. She also does pet sitting. That might be more difficult with kids because you have to be able to go during the day to take dogs out and most people would not want you to bring your kids to their house with you.

When I stayed at home I picked up extra money fixing things for friends… VCR’s, computers, toasters…etc… and then when kids were out, I would do small home repairs like hanging curtains, replacing outlets, locks, etc for people. I even did a complete rewiring phone lines for a friend that had a fenced back yard where I could let my kids play… Most people want someone they know to do these things rather than a stranger coming into their house.

If you have a skill like working on computers or electrical… you can make a nice bundle of extra money in your spare time. I sometimes did in kind favors too… like fixing an appliance for babysitting time so I could go work at someone elses house.

Granted, my house started looking like a pawn shop for a little while… but when you are an unemployed single mom… all that mattered was food on the table and a roof…

Thanks all. I love it when people come together. I like the suggestions, Newspaper routs janitorial sound good. I am not techno savy or very “handy” Maybe some yard stuff too. Thouch that is just seasonal. I don’t want it to take up too much time and I don’t need to make too much. Just a little extra.

It amazes me what people around me pay for lawn mowing. $50 a week for a quarter acre lot. OY! Perhaps just stuff a flier in all your neighbors mailboxes?

Do you like animals? You might check to see if any of your neighbors need someone to feed & play with their pets while they go on vacation (pr maybe even just while they’re at work during the day if they work long hours). Dog walking, etc.

I’d love to have a trustworthy neighbor who would do that for me and would gladly cough up a few bucks for it too, rather than going through the hassle of a kennel. :slight_smile:

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