Work Survery

There is a survey that is on the back of every reciept at my work that you talk about the person that waited on you, overall experience, etc. Is there anything morally wrong if I take the survey (I bought food at work, so I use the reciept that I recieved) and talk highly of myself or other workers at the restaurant?

No, it sounds fine to me. I don’t think there would be any problem. After all, you paid for the food. You’re entitled to take the survey.

So long as 1) you’re honest, and 2) it’s all above board, that is the people collecting the survey and using them know and don’t mind.

I do not believe it would be appropriate for an employee to take a survey intended for customers.

Ask your supervisor if you can complete a survey on another team member who serves you when you purchase something. And, no, you should not complete a survey on yourself.

I used to work for a retail warehouse club that had a similar survey invitation printed on every receipt. Employees were not allowed to take it, period. Whether they were just shopping or not.

Morally, no I don’t see an issue. But professionally I think it is in poor taste to take part in a survey intended for those who clearly do NOT work there and are true customers, not employees.


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