Work v. School

Hello, everyone, I am having trouble discerning whether this is a sin or not. I am a college student, and I have recently been hired to a second job. The problem is that it interferes with one class I am taking, and it is too late to drop the course. I repeat, I cannot drop the course. So it is either the job or that class. I am not in dire straits, so there is no extremely pressing circumstance which would require me to take on another job; nonetheless, I do not want to turn it down.

Would it be a sin to simply stop attending the course (which would result in a failing grade)? I’m willing to take the hit on my GPA.

Why would it be a sin? Attending college is a voluntary activity; dump the class if you want and take the failure.

While it may not be a sin it not very prudent to drop the class if you don’t need the money. A future employer will look at all your grades including the “failure.” I advise not to be guided by the pursuit of money if you don’t really need it and keep the class and do well in it. Just my opinion.

Doesn’t sound like a sin either way. Do what you think is best. Perhaps you can retake the class later on and have the other grade, instead, depending on school policy.

Is the temporary part time job more important than a required college course you need to graduate? Did you not start college to finish? If you do not need the job, finish the class. If you need “A” job, but this one interferes with college, find a different job. Finish what you start. As far as sin…I am not sure if either is sinful, but one is more prudent than the other. Focus on your education while you have the opportunity. Once you enter the workforce, it’s extremely difficult.

Is there no way to work out an Independent Study with the instructor? Explain the situation you are in, why you don’t want to give up this job and see if he/she will consider it. I had to do this with a class and it worked out fine. They establish time lines and course requirements to finish the course. An alternative is to see if you can be allowed to take an incomplete. This will also allow you to finish the class later, but within certain time limits. Talk to your instructor and the registrar’s office to see what you can do.

Talk to a counselor. They’ll be able to advise you on whether or not your decision is a good one. We can only tell you that, no, it is not a sin. However, as Catholics we ought to act prudently, and so you should consult with your counselor.

I am with Nacho45 and others who counsel prudence. I am not sure if dropping a class, taking a failing grade, in preference of an unnecessary 2nd job that interests you is a sin or not. But if a sin, it seems it would been venial and not mortal.

But look deeper at your choice. You made a commitment to that class. Now you are tempted to dishonor that commitment because something better came up that just cannot wait. An adult should always put a high value on giving his or her word. Keeping your word builds character. Breaking your word for personal convenience shows your character is not yet as strong as it needs to be to face greater challenges in the future.

I don’t know the situation, but quite often, one or more students could not get into a class you did because it was full. You got in, someone did not. You drop it and that someone still did not get in. He or she suffers. It could happen again when you take the course or substitute course later. So, it is possible you unintentionally hurt someone else. Perhaps twice.

Again, I do not know the situation, but experience teaches me - I am now retired and looking back - that quite often God provides a small window of opportunity to prepare for our life’s work or at least the next chapter of our life. We seldom get another chance to do what we had the chance, but chose to pass it by.

Yet, there are times when a sudden change in course opens up an entirely new and better direction. Or worse. But that is usually not knowable when the you take the change.

But, in general, it is usually the wiser path to honor one’s commitment.

I don’t think this is a sin. You have to decide which is more important: the class or the job. Will retaking the class delay your graduation? Will this job give you good experience to add to your resume and help your future career? If the job is just for the extra money, what will you use the money on? Will you put it to good use like buying a reliable car for good transportation or bad use like buying lots of music/movies/videogames? I don’t mean to say that music/movies/videogames are bad, but it may not be worth failing a class to be able to afford entertainment.

Talk with the teacher about your options. Even it it is too late to drop, it may be possible to take an incomplete and retake or finish the course later without hurting your grade or to complete the requirements outside of the classroom.

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