Workaholism and why


I’ve never really suffered from it to be honest.
But I can imagine that for some people it is a way of compensating for sin. A way of dealing with guilt. or just because it satisfies something else inside.
Like the workaholic husband/father who is neglecting his family and working overtime. His ego may be stroked more in a work environment hence he likes to work even harder.


I guess maybe someone might do this if they are trying to avoid doing other things, or maybe trying to avoid other issues.

When I was younger, I had known someone like this. He told me that he would work long hours so that he could basically avoid doing other things and being around other people. He used it for “avoidance.”


That’s it. avoidance.
Avoidance dressed up as “work commitments”.


Type of job plays a HUGE role in this. All workaholism is not equal.


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