Working as a Bartender

I’m considering getting a second job and thinking about looking for bartending positions, something I’ve always wanted to try (I’m a big craft-beer drinker myself, and I’d love to work at a gastropub or something like that).

However, I’m unsure about the morality involved in that situation. Obviously I don’t mean to suggest that drinking, bars, or serving drinks is intrinsically wrong. However, there certainly seems to be plenty of immoderate drinking at the bars, and I’m wondering to what extent it would be my responsibility to avoid, as a bartender, aiding in another’s intoxication.


Bar staff aren’t supposed to continue to serve anyone who is obviously intoxicated, so if you stick by that rule I can’t see how you’d go far wrong. :slight_smile:

Ah, true. Fortunately, some of the best beer bars I know near me are pretty strict about such rules too (unlike some other places I know). I’m sure a lot of that stuff is covered in any kind of bartending trainings, but I was curious if any people here had any experience or thoughts to offer.

Nothing immoral with working as a bartender. I did it as a job and made great money…no regrets:)

If you are going to do this the place you choose to work may prove to be very important. Not a drinker myself, I still would prefer to go someplace that was more family oriented like the local “Red Lobster” or other such place than a regular bar. Still you will have to be mindful of your own deportment and how you respond to those that may be “over served”.

Keep in mind it is not the safest job on the planet either.

Many states make it illegal to sell alcohol to drunk people.

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