Working at a Shriners Hospital

What do you think about working at a Shriners Hospital for Children? All I know about the Shriners is that they are Masons, wear funny hats, and give a lot of money to operate hospitals for children that are free of charge for the poor. I’m pretty sure they don’t indoctrinate their employees.

No takers for my moral dilemma? Too gray for you, my dear apologists?

There are plenty other hospitals you could help, donate to or volunteer at, Catholic in particular. I wouldn’t get involved with them, the Freemasons :frowning: :crossrc:


We all know the Shriners are masons, and frankly, the masons scare me. I’ve heard again and again that only a tiny handful of people at the very top know what the true teachings, powers and purposes of the group really are.

But if taking a job there allows you to feed your family [or just yourself, if you are single/no dependents], while helping children and taking money from the scary guys… that’s a lot of upside, isnt’ it?

I’m afraid if you want clearer guidance, you’ll have to give us some idea of how badly you need the job, whether there’s a good chance of getting a comprable one elsewhere, what your alternatives are, etc.

you know, most Masons are just like guys from KoC… just guys that want to be in a brotherhood dedicated to charity… I probably wouldn’t mind working at a Masonic hospital just as I wouldn’t mind working at a Muslim or Atheist or whatever hospital…

indoctrinate their employees? although they aren’t supposed to, some Masons are Catholic… some are Hindu… some are Buddhist… so yuo don’t really have to worry about that

but btw, I definetely don’t approve of freemasonry

Although the Shriners are affiliated with the Masonic fraternity, I feel that you should take the job.

You will only be working at the hospital, not joining the Shrine.

Good luck!

Go for it. Many cities have only a Catholic Hospital, but all faiths use it and all faiths work in them. Its a hospital not a masonic temple for heaven’s sake. :slight_smile:

This is a matter for you and your Priest.

You are working for the kids.:mad: Who cares what group the belong to.If your kid gets sick they will help your kid.Get a life.:mad:

Thanks to all. After I get myself a life, I won’t take money knowingly from clowns who hate my religion (that’s what I understand Freemasons do). The kids are not going to die for a lack of applicants.

On EWTN there was a one hour program on the Masons. It was done by The Abundant Life series. The installment was called “The Lodge.” You may still be able to see it or find out about it on there web site.

The Shriners are worse than the Masons. More or less like Moslems. Even there symbol is Eastern, Moslem and the read from some version of the Koron. They came off like satin worshipers.

In my judgement, by working there, you are by your actions, getting into agreement with them. Providing support to them and there anti Catholic and maybe outright evil philosophy by the work of your hands.

It seems that you can find any job better than with that bunch. Employ the honest and good work of your hands for a Catholic hospital. Something like that. Get onboard with us.

Not true my friend. Not by any stretch of the imagination.

I don’t know if you are a male person, but if you are, seek out the Knights and learn about us. Get off the couch. We need you.

I understand that Catholicism has issues w/Masonry.

However I do not beleive we should be referring to the Shriners as “clowns who hate my religion”, especially considering the work the Shrine does.


That was an unfair jab at their funny hats and titles, sorry. It won’t be their peculiar sense of fashion that lands them in trouble.

As a person who received a tremendous amount of help from Shriner’s Hospital let me say that the work they do there is about helping crippled and severely burned kids. I had three operations there and countless other help as well, all at no charge to my parents. I walk today because of the work they do. There is no way my parents could have paid for most of it. And not once was my folks and I asked to support or become Masons. Their only concern was helping children. My gosh, go to work for them! You’ll be helping kids, not supporting Masonry.

God bless the Shriners for that, LIghthouseRon. No question I wouldn’t be supporting the Masons, what I don’t want is for them to support me.

Now as a Catholic, I understand the reasons to avoid Masons. But when I was a kid, the Shriners Hospital came to my sisters rescue. She needed surgury on her hips that my family could not afford.

Will this be a Paid position?, in todays economy and jobs being lost, maybe a Huge consideration in you taking it. If not a paid, but a volunteer position, then perhaps a good Catholic hospital could use your talents.

That being said though, my family owes alot of gratitude to the Shriners hospital for helping us when we needed it.

I’ve viewed these forums for a while but I feel the need to respond this time.

I don’t understand the idea of the Masons supporting you. You would be doing a tremendous service for disabled children by working there. The idea isn’t the Masons supporting you. The thought process should be you are supporting children. You wouldn’t be promoting Masonry and if they (for some reason) asked you to do that you can refuse. Several years ago I visited one of my parishioner’s children there. I was so moved by some of the situations I encountered I began coming in once a week to visit various children there. Many times the parents live so far away from the hospital that they need to go home and work and take care of the rest of the family, so the hospitalized child is left alone for days or even weeks at a time. I would visit or read to them or maybe play games. The point is I was welcomed every time by Shriner’s because I was helping children. Neither they nor I worried about our religious differences. You shouldn’t either. They offer a service free of charge that no one else can match. How could you say no to that?

Fr. Larry.

Well put Fr. Larry.I could not agree with you more.

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