Working for a company that supports SSM

I work in the tech industry for a Silicon Valley company (though thankfully not in the Valley!)
Unfortunately, that company has Silicon Valley values that I am increasingly uncomfortable with as I grow in the faith. Specifically, it supports SSM. After Obergefell, we were one of those rainbow profile pic companies.

Thanks to a buyout and split, I was able to hope that perhaps the politics had been reigned in. Unfortunately, that does not appear to be the case, as we just celebrated “National Coming Out Day.” I can only assume that further events will follow

My question is, is it licit to work for a company that goes against the teachings of the Church on SSM? At this point, I intend to move on, because there are plenty of opportunities. The fact is, though, that it seems to keep getting harder to find companies that don’t in some way stand against Church teachings.

The short answer is yes, it is licit to work for such a company. Your cooperation in evil sounds quite remote in this situation.

EWTN: Formal vs material cooperation

Cooperation with Evil Chart:

Listen. If we were to not eat, drink or wear or work for companies that do or say things that contradict Church teachings we would end up living in a cave in the desert naked only drinking water. We have to have some common sense about these things.

On your way to work in the morning, attend daily Mass.

You don’t need to advertise it. Or even mention it.

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