Working for another religion?

I’m curious. What is your religious body’s stance on individuals working for other religious groups?

I’m unsure what you mean by “working for other religious groups”… If you mean an employment relationship that’s acceptable…I had a Baha’i friend who set up landscaping for a Mormon Temple… He was a Baha’i employed by the Mormon Temple. As Baha’is we don’t join or take membership in say churches because we have distinct beliefs and practices… We can have fellowship with them or work together with them but we don’t become members of their congregation.

If you’re referring to working as in a job with or for another faith don’t think based on what I’ve read that the Episcopal Church has any issue with it. The Church itself is very much engaged in working with peoples of other faith traditions, both Christian and otherwise, so it would be hypocritical to limit individual’s ability to work with those of other faiths.

Couldn’t vote in the poll due to being a trial member but I’d be another vote for the first option.

Working for another religion?

But what is a religion? I know many people on this forum believe that Christianity is not a religion.

It does depend on what you mean by ‘working for’?

Doing the landscaping as a previous example? Okay.

If the job in any way involves giving sanction to their beliefs (eg. someone could reasonably assume given your job that you hold to the same religious beliefs) then I would consider that unacceptable. An example of this would be playing the piano during a worship service - I have seen people say that this would be okay. I don’t think it is at all.

I haven’t answered the poll because I’m unsure which sort of scenario you’re referring to.

Totally acceptable to work for any and all “other religions” as long as no laws are broken or violence advocated.

I intentionally left the poll ambiguous and generalized so more people could answer it. If your religion has regulations pertaining to specific regulations, you can note that.

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