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So I think I’ve mentioned here that I wanted to teach at a Catholic High School. After I finish my undergrad, I’m planning on getting a master’s in education to become certified to teach in the field I’m majoring in. Will that work for a private school, or would it be preferred that I had a master’s in what I intended to teach? I have heard that private schools don’t require a teaching certificate; I don’t know much about that or if it plays a role.

Also, I’d eventually like to teach theology, but I will likely lack the money to pursue a master’s in it. What’s the best way to enable me to do this? Could an online degree be equally as useful?

Lastly, I’d like to work for the Church in general. How’s the best way to do this?



No school in my diocese would hire anyone who was not certified to teach by the state. That is a screening requirement, along with passing a background check. A principal would not be allowed to interview you if you were his or her own son. However, my state does allow for provisional certificates, for two years, if certain qualifications are met. As I understand, you have to have a Bachelors degree of any kind, pass the Praxis exam in the field you are teaching in, and be enrolled in at least one of four classes the state requires you to take to get the full license. You also have to have a school say they want to hire you as a teacher.


PS- You should really speak to an adviser in the education department at your college, even if you don’t attend to seek your masters at that college. They can tell you the specific qualifications of getting a certificate in your state. I’m not aware of any state that requires a masters of education to get an initial certificate.


In our area there is a shortage of faithful practicing Catholic teachers for the Catholic schools. Many will hire you while you are getting certified provided you are really working on it. You have to inquire at the Superintendent’s office. If you’re serious, and a good candidate, they will be delighted to shepherd you through the process.

I will say, that if you are male, you may not be able to earn enough to support a family if you have one. :o
Catholic school wages are much lower than the public schools, even lower in parishes. That’s why the majority of employees are women whose husbands have good jobs and benefits, or men and women who are retired.
Something to consider.
We desperately need Catholic teachers. I hope you find a good position.


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