Working from home dilemma

I really need some advice, I don’t know what to do, since we are all in mostly isolation, there is no one else I can really talk to.

my office is trying to get some people to work from home due to the coronavirus, however the office will remain open for those where this would not work out, there are restrictions on the criteria. I have a couple of serious concerns, one being by adaptive equipment due to my disability, I would not be able to tak it home myself, so someone would have to come set it up, which I don’t even know how likely that would be, and things can easily go wrong, I already have a lot of issues with it at work, if am onw my own at home, it would be even more challenging with no support around.

the other problem, is my family, they don’t really understand work boundaries and would be constantly interrupting me, and I can’t guarantee that they would not try to see what’s on the computer, also, those of you who know the issues that I normally have, this job that I managed to get was one step of trying to be able to stand on my own, basically, the way my family sees it, I should just work at home permanently, if I do this now, they will essentially try to force me to not to go back, things are extremely controlling in my household, my job was the only thing that has some semblance of normalcy, because I could get out of the house for those hours during the day, it will be extremely detrimental if I lose that reprieve. They have already been hinting at it for a long time, but until now, it wasn’t really a viable option because the employer did not allow it.

my team leader and my manager tried to convince me to do it, in which I tried to explain to them, in terms that were not too specific, that due to my living arrangement, it would be difficult to accomplish. They assumed that it was because i didn’t have the space or that i had many people in my house, which i did not say, but i also don’t really want to get in to all the details of my situation with peole at work. my family has not stopped yelling at me for nearly three weeks now, one reason because I got a col and they think it’s my fault and that I didn’t obey what they said, another, is because they think I am putting them at risk and being selfish by going to work. I managed to tell them it’s complicated because of the technology situation, which is technically true

am I doing something wrong in all this? I really don’t want to be irresponsible, but if I cave to this demand, I essentially lose all the progress I’ve made and I don’t see any way I can undo it later. I am taking all the precautions they have asked of us at work, disinfecting, hand-washing, staying away from people so I feel that it’s fairly low-risk at this point but of course, scruples are flaring up

  • You are a vulnerable person (disability) where you should be staying home.

  • Arrange for work to bring your desk etc that enable to work at home.

  • You need to be clear to your family that in order for you to continue to get paid, for you to be safe from COVID-19 and need to work at home.

This is a serous concern world wide, making excuses why you can’t could have severe consequences for you. Keep safe @angell1

I’m not making excuses, it’s just hard to explain now, everything just seems to be collapsing for me. Also, my disability does not make me vulnerable to disease

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You have a choice to make, then. It’s your call - but sharing information with your supervisor such as “my family would make it impossible for me to work at home due to boundaries” might be all that it takes. On the other hand, you are exposing yourself to the virus with each person you come in contact with. You then take those exposures home. This is difficult in the best of circumstances. Prayers.

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that is pretty much what I did say, also, there are not even sure if they can get the technology properply set up or give me support if things were to not work, I doubt they will sent an IT person to my house everytime I have an issue, which already happens frequently at work, nevermind, with a more unpredictable situation.

I have always kept mostly to myself at work anyways, I hardly even leave my cubicle, don’t socialize much, and we are a lot more spread out now, there is essentially no contact, it’s a call center so our main work is on the phones. plus we are currently on a rotating schedule so not everyone has to go in every day.

I’ve only worked 6 days so far since I was also recovering from a cold, this month and all the extra time at home has driven me almost to a psychylogical break, nearly three straight weeks of constant yelling, screaming, guilt-tripping, blaming, thank you for your prayers, I’m in a pretty dark place right now

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No Angel you aren’t.

If you are doing social distancing at work, and your government still allows you to go in, then do what is best.

We have moved most people home but a few are working in the office because their home isn’t conducive to working there.

It’s no one’s business “why” you remain in the office. I think you are right about your adaptive equipment.

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Offering prayers for you. Can certainly see your conundrum. Wishing the best for you and us all. Hoping this disaster ends soon. Trust in Jesus to help you get through this. Hugs. :heart::heart::heart:

I am going to work. We each stay in our offices and we are not letting people in the office (call, meet them outside, etc.)

You can isolate at home. Take off your shoes before you enter the house. If there is a mud room or similar, change clothes in there before you go to your room, shower as soon as you get home. Spend time in your room instead of the living room or kitchen. If there is a bathroom that can be yours alone, all the better. Will your parents feel better if you wear a mask and wash it every day?

Last I read, around 40% of people are working from home, so, the majority of us are still at work taking precautions.

I can only answer from my point of view…I’d do everything I could to continue working outside of home. Your home has too much toxicity going on and I don’t think I could be productive there…plus, I would want the breathing space of leaving the house. YMMV.

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thank you for always trying to understand, I think you of all people know where I am coming from, it has not been an easy journey to get where I am now, I am worried about ending up right back at square one if my family feel like they have control over even my employment

yes, most of that I already do on a regular basis anyways, I leave shoes and outlayer of clothes outside, ordinarily keep mostly to myself even at home, and I do have my own bathroom, which I clean myself, and have been showering as soon as I get back.

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yes, that’s exactly it, if I stay home now, I may never be able to get back out in the long term, I really don’t need to be yelled at while I’m working, or having people coming in trying to listen or people potentially looking at stuff on the work computer


Then I think you know what your answer is and what you should do.

Good luck to you and much needed peace.

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