Working in a bookstore that carries erotica?

I’ve been searching for a job for a long time; my city is fairly large, but I don’t own a car, so depend on public transit, which is relatively sparse, so I’ve mostly been applying to stores and malls on the routes. I recently put in an app at a media/entertainment store I frequent, but then remembered they have a small stock of erotica, and a shelf of gay and lesbian literature. I do not know if I would work in the book section at all. Should I withdraw my application?

Objectively there is no reason why you should not.
To think otherwise would mean there are few jobs any good person could ever do for fear of contamination by the ungodly.

If you are young then seek your parents advice.
If you have sexual compulsions/issues or suffer from scruples then maybe you shouldn’t
Have a chat with a priest or close Christian friend who knows you well.

Noone here knows you well enough to assist.
Good luck.

I don’t think so. The whole world could be described as sinful. As long as you aren’t directly involved I think it’s ok. Gas station clerks send lottery tickets. Cab drivers give drunks rides. Cable providers have erotic channels. Banks handle money for shady businesses. Etc

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