Working in a Protestant Church

Is it a sin to work in a Protestant church as an administrator? I don’t think it is but I’m worried it could be considered cooperation with evil.

I considered working for an Evangelical university in Information Technology. They require all their employees to assent and sign a Statement of Faith. This is a creed which conflicts with the Catholic faith, so I would not be able to work there in good conscience. Your mileage may vary.


Non-catholic Christians might be in error but they’re not evil! If you don’t have to sign anything similar to that described by @Anesti33 then I think it would be fine. You can set them a good example! :grin:


You might find yourself in a conflict of interest, such as your missionary mandate to evangelize the world in the fullness of the Catholic faith, but you’re sending out invitations for people to come to service on Christmas instead of going to Mass. You may very well have a large contingent of former Catholics attending services. What do you tell them about their choices, do you side with your employer or your mother, the Catholic Church?

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Thanks for the responses. You’ve given me a lot to think about @Anesti33 , the thought of sending out invitations to attend a Protestant church to former Catholics is unpleasant.

@JoyfulTune , you must be less of a sinner than me.

I think it depends on the specific church and the specific role. Obviously you shouldn’t work for a church that is actively campaigning against the Catholic Church. You may also want to be wary of some of the very liberal Protestant denominations which perform same-sex marriages and may even support abortion. However, if you are doing purely an admin role and the church does not have any extreme ideas, I think it sounds fine.

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