Working in Collections

I am the manager of a collections department for an organization. We normally collect delinquencies, but this year we sent courtesy letters to customers with large accounts before they became delinquent in an attempt to prevent the delinquency (which will save the customer money), but more importantly, to improve the bottom line of the department. We are not restricted from doing this and I consider it a part of the job.

Now, the greater organization (of which my department is but one part) sends out bills twice a year, once in October and once in February. We mailed our courtesy letters in November, December, January, and February, All of the accounts become delinquent in April. Most of the accounts mailed were paid, either directly through me or indirectly (the customer sent payment to the organization using one of the bills that the organization sent in October or February).

Normally, when we mail a letter and a payment is received indirectly, we add it to the department’s bottom line, even though the customer may have sent the October or February bill back with payment. The reasoning for this is that the courtesy letters we send may spur or remind the customer to pay the bill (I also include bills with the letters). So, we err on the side of the department. This is standard practice and we have been doing it for years. We don’t have any control over the method in which people pay, so again, we err on the side of the department.

Would this be in any way considered dishonest or sinful? Please keep in mind that we are all salaried and do not receive commissions for any of our collections, but we do have a vested interest in keeping the department open.

Thank you for your consideration in your answers.

I pay my bills, when I don’t it is sheer forgetfulness. If I got the reminder I might check the original bill and be like “Oh Oops” and pay with the original. I wouldn’t call it sinful. I assueyour business works in the way that you need to justify your usefullness. And no one else is sending reminders. If not against the rules I see no harm, only good that you are helping via reminders.

I gave up paying bills for Lent!

Ha! :slight_smile:

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