Working in company that prints immoral things?

So I started work in this printing fulfillment company. They print things and do dropshipping for people who sell those items. So, I have come across items with immoral pictures/graphics like impure things and gay movement images. I just check if the items are not damaged and that’s pretty much it. So, am I involved in sin if I work at this company knowing that they print these shirts or am I far removed to not be involved in sin? It’s not all of the items, just some that have these immoral graphics.

No, you are not committing any sin.

Where is the line though. Is pornography ok?

The example is given that if a nurse cleans tools that are used for an abortion she is not guilty of sin, however if she helps to perform that abortion then she is guilty of sin.

If you produce the porn or immoral images then you are liable of sin. If you are merely packaging or ensuring shipping or whatever and some of the things are sinful then you have committed no sin.

FYI, this is not me talking, the example is given straight from a priest who is heavily involved in apologetics and that’s how he described it. I think it’s something with Ignatius print or something, anyway, you’re good…

See the Catholic principles on cooperation with evil. The OP’s job is to check print jobs for damage before they go out the door. It is in no way a sin to work at the print house.

So the op could do the same job for penthouse and it’s kosher?

The entire purpose behind Penthouse is immoral. The print house is morally neutral. It isn’t the OP’s business what individual customers decide to do with the print house’s services.

Can’t you just work somewhere where you won’t have this dilemma?

Degrees of separation matter. So checking copy for penthouse is bad if you do it in house, but if it’s in say a Barnes and noble then it’s ok…
Got it.

I personally don’t think people should have to work somewhere where they have to do things they morally object to. In this case it could be providing gay friendly materials.

I did not say that.

I suggest reviewing the Catholic principles behind cooperation with evil.

Yes, you are involved in sin. You are materially cooperating. You do not, I assume, want to promote the immoral things. But your work is for a company that does promote immoral things. Your job, if I understand correctly, at times requires you to help in the production of the immoral items.

Ideally you wouldn’t work there so as not to in any way cooperate with evil. There is so much evil in the world it is increasingly difficult to find work that doesn’t in some way cooperate with evil, but that doesn’t change the fact we should strive to not cooperate.

Assuming you need to work there then the question is how evil are the item you are materially cooperating to disseminate and what is your role. I think (and I’m no expert in the intricacies of Catholic moral theology) your situation would be non-necessary mediate material cooperation with evil. That being so the need for a job would make the work permissible. But again ideally you would, if possible, find other work.

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