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I work in retail, at a store that happens to sell condoms. What is the appropriate way to act when a costumer wishes to purchase them? Should I have a coworker complete the transaction, should I refuse to sell them, or should I just go ahead and sell them?

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You should treat them as any other product sold by your store.


what does your conscience tell you?

I would think (assuming you do not own the store and are not selecting the merchandise being sold) that it’s not your fault someone is buying birth control.

Now, if you started trying to actively “sell them” or talking to them about the pros and cons of each kind vs others, etc. then you would be promoting it.

But, I think you would be fine by simply taking their money.

However, (unless your are professional in Pharma) if it’s bothering your conscience, try getting a job in retail clothing :smiley:


just sell them. I don’t think anyone would look at you wrong or anything. I also don’t believe you are doing anything wrong. The condoms aren’t for you.


I don’t see how you can get away with refusing a customer’s transaction in their choice to buy condoms. Walmart sells them, Kroger sells them, Walgreens sells them, Kmart sells them. I don’t see how you can refuse to do your job and remain in good standing with your employer. If it bothers you, you can always get another job in a retail store that doesn’t sell condoms. In the meantime, if you want to continue working there, you’ll have to sell them - otherwise you risk your job by not performing your duties, and you bring risk of loss to the store by insulting the customer.


Just do your job and sell them. You aren’t being paid to sell the Catholic view on them. Sometimes you just need to suck it up and do your job. If you don’t and your boss finds out, you could get fired.


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