Working on a potition to end all hate speach against Roman Catholics on YouTube

In another thread, I said that we should ignore people who desecrate the holy Eucharist. However, the more I think about it, the more I think that something needs to be done about not only Eucharist desecration, but all other forms of hate speach against us on YouTube. I have written a draft for a potition that I would like to send to all Roman Catholics if possible, to suggest that we all contact YouTube’s sponsors, to let them know what they are sponsoring. Hopefully, if enough people complain, the sponsors may withhold funds from YouTube until the problem is resolved.

What are the best methods to distribute this potition to as many Catholics as possible? I’ve seen one too many hateful videos against us, and now, I want to do something about it. I can barely even watch a pro-Catholic video without seeing a bunch of anti-Catholic bigotry in the comments section.

In the meantime, since I don’t have a video camera yet, I’ve posted an audio only protest on YouTube.
YouTube Applies Double Standards on Hate Speach (audio only protest)

Sorry–I cannot support this. I do not believe there is something which can be clearly and definitively defined as ‘hate speech’, nor do I support so-called ‘hate-speech laws’ or would I support a ‘hate speech’ rule on YouTube.

Obviously there is such a thing as ‘slander’. There is such a thing as ‘inciting to crime’ or to ‘violence’ or whatever. Those are more narrowly defined and more apparent to objective observers, There is even such a thing as ‘blasphemy’ and ‘desecration’, and I believe that this could be narrowly defined and limited in a way that prevents religious organizations from experiencing malicious provocation. No society or organization is obliged to permit such things if they choose not to do so.

Nor are you obliged by law to allow ‘free speech’ on your own property, real or intellectual–there is no reason, for example that Catholic Answers Forums, for example, must allow any and all expressions of belief that someone chooses to post.

But this nation is founded on free speech, and I fear that buying into the ‘hate speech’ ideology is just a way of encouraging censorship and curtailment of free speech rights. “YouTube” does not exist as the ideological expression of any sort of specific ideology and it should not be encouraged to limit discourse on it’s site beyond what I described above.

There are better ways to combat hate speech:

  • Flag a video
  • Comment on a video, correcting the individual
  • Making a video reply to a video
  • Ignoring a video
  • Prayer, prayer, and prayer

The problem with flagging these videos, is that in the recent past, YouTube would not allow us to flag some of these videos as religious hate speach. Their administrators and moderators are applying double standards. They remove videos that are offensive to other religious groups such as the Muslems, but they allow videos that are offensive to Catholics. It’s wrong that they’re doing this. If a Christian desecrates the Quran, most of the time the video is removed within a short time. However, if an Atheist desecrates the Eucharist, or if a Fundamentalist slanders us by saying that we worship the Pope or Mary, nothing is being done about it. It’s hypocrisy to say the least. I’m more offended by the actions, or lack there of, by the YouTube administrators and moderators, than I am by the people who are posting these videos.

While we’re at it we should end all hate speech. Why just against Catholics? Noone should be hated and all the hate speech should be eradicated.

Where does it end? Objectively speaking, no one should worship in Protestant churches but the U.S. government permits it, in fact guarantees the right to do so in the First Amendment.

I disdain anti-Catholic bigotry as much as the next person but what good does it do to coerce people against voicing their own opinions, distasteful as they are to the rest of us? Very often it only emboldens them further.

Aside from the practical implications of banning “hate speech,” there’s also the fact that by doing so, we’re taking from these individuals one of their most basic natural rights from God, that of conscience.

I don’t see how the example of the Fundamentalist labeling Catholics as idolators qualifies as “slander.” Nine times out of ten, fundamentalists actually believe that because of their own ignorance of actual Catholic teaching. Therefore they are not committing slander, they are simply airing their beliefs, erroneous though they may be.

Then you won’t take away my freedom to say hateful things about college students? Words lead to actions and hateful words usually lead to violent actions. We should be preventing thos actions against any segment of the population at the very core and therefore punish those who publicly use words of hate. If you want to mutter it under your breath or say it in the privacy of your own home, fine. But once it is made public it is like inciting violence against those who it is directed toward. And God calls for peace above all else.

No, I won’t take away your freedom to say hateful things about college students (or college graduates, for that matter).

As to the point that hateful words spoken publicly incite hateful actions, yes, sometimes that happens. It doesn’t change the fact that by removing the right of people to freely voice their beliefs (which I distinguish from the abuse of that right as seen in acts of slander, libel or calumny), you are trampling on one of their most fundamental natural rights.

I really don’t think this country or any other needs to start down the path of authoritarian police-statism. One day the police are locking people up for “hate speech” violations; next it will be for thought crimes.

Consider, for a moment, a practical problem affecting Catholics which can be traced to the “hate crime” mentality in Canada - Catholic priests and Protestant ministers being hauled before “Human Rights Tribunals” and punished for preaching in their own churches that homosexual acts are intrinsically sinful. Personally, it makes me think this country is next for that sort of tyranny.

Then we should have no hate speech legislation and protect noone, including Catholics or any other christians. All is fair game and I won’t join in this petition. But remember while it may be an American right to speak freely, evne hatefully, it is against christianity to hate.

I’ve changed the focus of my potition to end double standards on hate speach on YouTube. If they remove videos against Muslems, then they should remove videos against Catholics. Likewise, if they do not remove videos against Catholics, then they should not remove videos against Muslems. As I said before, I’m more offended by the double standards than I am by the hate speach itself. After doing some research, I’ve found that other groups are suffering from this too, so it’s not just a Catholic problem. I’d like for YouTube to apply equal standards to everyone, and enforce their own rules.

I agree it is un-Christian to hate other people. I would even go so far as to say it goes against natural law, known not only to Christians but written in the hearts of all men, to hate others.

However, a society where it would be just for civil laws regarding such things as heresy to be based on Christian precepts would presuppose that society’s unity in faith, which does not currently exist in the United States.

We have to distinguish the right to choose error or sin, which does not exist in the objective moral order, from the right to make up one’s own mind freely and without any external coercion, which does exist.


I thought I’d provide the following link for you or anyone else, just in case you’re interested. The article treats the subject of religious freedom and the Catholic Church, from a Traditional Catholic viewpoint, which seems related to our discussion. In my arguments I mainly tried to go by the reasoning found in this article, most of which seemed consistent to me. It may very well be the case, however, that my recollection of it and thus my arguments are flawed, so I thought you should have access to the proverbial horse’s mouth:

It’s an all or nothing thing folks. If you want to do away with hate pseech against Catholics you have to do away with it against anyone. Just like job discrimination laws. If you can fire for anything else such as lifestyle, then no group of people should be protected and an employer should be able to fire at will. Enough of protecting certain groups without protecting them all.

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