Working on a test after time is called

I just took an exam today and was pressed for time towards the end. I realized I had messed up an answer with about 30 seconds left and I was in the middle of fixing it when my professor called time. I continued to work for another 10 seconds or so finishing up this problem.

To me, this seems miniscule, because my answer was probably wrong anyhow since I was so rushed, but I felt a little guilty about continuing to work after time was called. I wasn’t the only one who did it, and some even kept going longer than I did.

Was I wrong to do this/is this a serious offense or should I just put it past me?


It sounds to me like you are a very conscientious and hardworking person. We are human beings, not robots. You are motivated to doing the best you can on your exam. Your means of going about your work was ethical - you were not looking at someone else’s work. You completed the problem you had already started with a holy end in mind. Your means, motivation, and end result are all positive and good. I do not see this as morally wrong.

There is nothing wrong with this. Teachers don’t expect people to drop their pencils in the middle of a sentence or in the middle of bubbling an answer or finishing a question.

Its not wrong. If you continued long enough that you yourself were called out, then that would be wrong.


You sound like a motivated individual. Don’t let this be a weight on your shoulders. Your questions shows you to be a conscientious individual. When the tables are turned, and you only need a few more minutes to finish a job after your work day ends, I know you will be the dedicated one that sticks around to finish up. Not the worker that stops working early, because they know they won’t finish before it is time to go home.

God Bless

I think most reasonable teachers and profs know there is a panicked flurry of writing when “time” is called.

It may be a different situation, say, in the military, when not dropping your pencil/pen promptly when time is called could be construed as a discipline thing. But then everything is a discipline thing there. But I think even in that situation, no sin accrues.


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