Working on Assumption Thurs a Mortal Sin?

Well, I got back from confession and forgot to mention I worked on Assumption Thursday, after attending Mass. I’m wondering if this is a mortal sin and whether I should refrain from receiving the Eucharist tomorrow. I intended to confess it, so, if memory serves, I’m forgiven and need to only mention it the next time I confess, but I wanted to see what you all think. God bless.

Can. 1247 On Sundays and other holy days of obligation, the faithful are obliged to participate in the Mass.

Moreover, they are to abstain from those works and aVairs which hinder the worship to be rendered to God, the joy proper to the Lord’s day, or the suitable relaxation of mind and body.


So. Is that a mortal sin? I don’t know. Is it grave (I am unaware)? Was it done with full knowledge (sounds like it). Was it done with full consent (are you obligated to work that day based on agreements you made before you realized it would come into conflict with your religious days? Or could you have avoided it?)

Go to confession, it will be good for you, but I don’t know if you need to abstain from the Eucharist. However, if in serious doubt and you can’t make a quick confession before Mass (your priest should let you if it’s just one thing, I hope) then it’s better to abstain from the Eucharist than to take it and offend our Lord.

Just like the eating of ‘unclean’ meats. Even though we don’t need to abstain from pork, if you think you do and you fail to abstain from it, you are guilty in the Lord’s eyes (for disrespecting His holiness to ‘fit in’ with social expectations). Similarly, even if you don’t need to abstain from the next Eucharist but you think you do, and you fail to abstain from it, you are guilty in the Lord’s eyes (for disrespecting His holiness to ‘fit in’ with social expectations)

I went to Mass for the Assumption but I also worked all day. We’re not required to take the day off every time there’s a holy day in the middle of the week. Besides, in my case it gave me the opportunity to remind a Catholic friend I work with that it was a holy day. He had forgotten and wouldn’t have gone to Mass without the reminder. So it was good for everyone.

No it is not a sin.

In today’s world, unless you are working for a religious institution, it is often nearly impossible to not work on Holy Days of Obligation - that’s actually one of the reasons why people forget them. Part of your obligation to God means that you are obliged to take care of the people God entrusted you with, which means that you need to make a living, and missing work may impede this. So, even if it’s a sin, if you’re compelled to work, it’s not voluntary, and thus, not mortal. Be at peace.

How important are Holy Days of Obligation ? One year they are a Holy Day of Obligation and next year they may not be.

If you are required to work on Holydays as a condition of employment, it would never be any kind of sin to work. But perhaps, by a little planning, you could take a vacation day the next time. On the other hand, it would never be permissible to engage in any activity which caused us to miss Mass on a Holy day. I think we do a lot of things on Sunday we shouldn’t be doing.


Exactly. For example, Immaculate Conception won’t be an HDO until 2015 because it’s on a Sunday this year and a Monday the next.

The above citation from Canon Law is accurate. If I remember my theology courses correctly, a) participation at Mass is required and mandatory on Sundays and all Holy Days of Oblgation, b) unnecessary work is either forbidden or strongly discouraged. The key here is “unnecessary”. A general rule is that, if it is possible to avoid working (such as by taking a vacation or personal day) then doing so is highly advisable. This is supposed to include such things as shopping, which many of us don’t adequately observe. The day, if at all possible, should be devoted to the Lord in the ways suggested by the Canon. As I recall, Jesus Himself gave some leeway. I don’t remember the chapter and verse, but recall the passage in the gospels where Jesus was confronted by the pharisees and the response He gave because some of the apostles were gleaning wheat (taking the left over wheat from a harvested field) on the Sabbath.

Holy Days of Obligation are EVERY BIT AS IMPORTANT as are Sundays – and they are ALWAYS important. It is not accurate to say that “one year they are a Holy Day and next year they may not be”. What may change is that the observation of Holy Day may be moved to the next or the closest Sunday. This is a practice, as I understand it, that occurs most in the United States (“only in America”) with its excessive secularism (the new “religion” of choice) and abandonment of God, including by many “Cathoics”. I tolerate the practice, but I don’t agree with it. This is one of the deviations introduced by the modernists with Vatican II.

Giving God the adoration and worship He is due should NEVER be because we are obliged (required) to do so, but because we WANT to do so because we LOVE HIM and, therefore, WANT TO PLEASE HIM. This should also be our rule with respect to obeying His commandments.

Unlike other holy days, in the US the Immaculate Conception retains its obligation when it falls on a Saturday or Monday. It’s our national patronal feast and is always a day of obligation.

NO. It is not a sin.

I go to Church every Sunday. I Keep All Of The Commandments. I love and adore God every day, not just on Sunday. I Obey God’s Law. As JESUS commands, take up your cross and follow ME.

That has nothing to do with the OP’s question.
He asks if it is a sin to work on Assumption Thursday. The answer is no it is not a sin.

No it is not a sin. We shouldn’t try to look for sins where they don’t exist.

I was responding to BROMARTIN pointed post. I know it is not a sin. Have a wonderful Sunday. God is awesome !

Okay. Thanks. It would have been easier if you quoted Bromartin then we all know what the response is about.

I truly thought I had. But after post 8, posted by VanSensei, I run into a computer glitch that I have difficulty getting past. Cannot pull up any more posts until page 2 .

Please see yesterday at 7:19 pm, I did quote BroMartin. By scrolling down this reply page I found my original post that you quoted. The BroMartin post is included.


Same glitch here, can’t see any posts on page 1 after the one by Van Sensei. Page 2 is fine and can see the missing page 1 posts by scrolling down here.


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