Working on ourselves plank vs splinter

With the obsession of many to control the world to IMO protect themselves… I think many need to work on themselves and not control the world.

An example of extreme nature would be someone can like Jesus walk with sinners and bring them out of sin

Some can walk with sinners and become one…

Many “righteous” types seem to act and advocate life based on fear of being the latter.

Perhaps they should head that fear and spend less time in advocation and more time becoming more like Jesus?

“We need to ban a tv show” type ideas

Instead of “pfft I watched that and am no worse for the ware some was entertaining, some I ignored”

I don’t think Jesus could have done his work if He lived in the bubbe of protection supposed righteous seem to need :confused:

As an adult, I agree. I’m not worried about others’ sins influencing me. However, as a mother, I am concerned about all the garbage in this world. When I think of my kids, who are being raised in the Faith but will eventually need to decide for themselves, I shudder at how much harder it will be for them to choose God’s ways over man’s ways. Acceptance and glorification of sin is EVERYWHERE, especially the media.

Well Jesus called sin a sin.

I think that’s the right attitude when a properly formed individual comes across something questionable. But, sometimes, the mama/papa bear attitude of, mess with my kids, and you DIE!, takes over. I know, with my kids, that’s how it is. Sometimes this, no doubt, appears as self-righteousness. Sometimes I get too worked up about something regarding what my kids see/experience, and I remind myself just to teach them about it, and lead by example.

As a parent and granparent I totally agree. Our kids are presented with so many more left path choices through our electronic world than ever before. We live in a time when so many believe it is not “cool” to have a faith, any faith, and a lot of parents do not baptise children prefering to “let them choose when they are older”
Well I chose paganism and Wicca, I became a druid ovate, and then became medically depressed and suffered panic attacks. I still take medication to this day. I don’t seek sympathy I made my choice. Thanks be to God I listened to him when he called. Any kids reading this DON’T DO WICCA OR “NEW AGE” PAGANISM. Any parents ask your kids to read this.

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