Working on Sundays


I have a question. I am in college and I am wanting to work. I am putting in a few apps in retail places because the hours are flexible. But most likely it will put me working on Sundays. Would that be a sin? I would still get to Mass on Saturday night or Sunday.


I work every Sunday. I still get to Mass and the rest of the day is for family togetherness.

I don’t consider myself to be sinning and have read nothing that leads me to believe I am.

I don’t like working Sundays… but try telling the newspaper industry to scale back their biggest paper…:rolleyes:


I put in the application at the main place I am wanting to work at. And the lady said that on Sundays they dont open until 1pm. So I wouldnt have any problems getting to Mass.:smiley:


Then since you won’t have any problems getting to Mass on Sunday mornings…then now you have an excuse to spend at least one afternoon during the week as your Sabbath! To equal a total day!!!

(Now, that’s DJgang’s teachings not necessarily the Church’s :stuck_out_tongue: )


Perhaps you would enjoy looking at Pope John Paul’s Aposotlic Letter Dies Dominia, on the Sabbath. It is quite a beautiful document. Here is the link…


I’d say it’s all relative.

My local priest works on Sundays.

I “work” for Habitat for Humanity on Sundays. I don’t feel I’m sinning while doing that.

This whole no working on Sunday thing sounds made up to me. :smiley:

I say go for it.


If that were the case, what would we do without the doctors, nurses, hospital staff, police officers, fire fighters, and other essential personnel who must work on Sunday? I think if you have a job where you have to work on Sunday, then you should try to find another point in the week to observe the Sabbath. There were many Sundays when I had to work - now I am a stay-at-home mom, and I work 14+ hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. I don’t get Sundays off, but we observe the Sabbath as best we can regardless. I do try to avoid shopping on Sunday unless I’m desperate.

Years ago, husbands still had to hunt or work the fields on Sunday to provide for their families, wives still had to care for the children. But they would try to do less, try to spend more time in prayer, spend more time together to respect God’s commandment.



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