Working until Pregnancy


I have been wondering about work as a young adult woman. It will obviously depend on each familys situation, but do any stay at home moms have experience with working until they became pregnant? Did you tell the job you would be leaving beforehand? If you didn't work, did you do anything else or did you stay home and care for the house?


Unless you have a spouse with a very large income and no debt, it’s a good idea to work if you can before you have children. Just don’t make auto or home purchases based on both of your incomes. Take all the you earn and put it into savings. When you are home with your little ones, don’t forget to take inventory of your skills and try and keep current on what your career/profession/job was before you had your babies. As this economy has shown too many people, sometimes an at-home mom must go back to work for a while if her spouse is laid off.
I always encourage women to choose a college degree that will allow them to work weekends, nights, or “off-shifts” should their spouse ever lose a job or they find themselves in a situation where they need to contribute to the family income, at least part time. The Proverbs 31 Woman definitely had skills that allowed her to help the family finances. :slight_smile:


I would not tell a prospective employer. Besides, life situations aren’t always what we aim for. You have to be willing to compromise. There is a serious possibility that you may need to work during a pregnancy or that you may even have to delay being a stay at home mother.


I worked up until I got pregnant with my first. I hadn’t intended to get pregnant, so there was nothing to tell my boss. It was useful in paying down our student loans. Since that time I have had the occasional part-time job, usually as a TESL teacher, though I taught junior high for a year, when I unexpectedly became pregnant with #4. We have 6 now, and I stay home with them.


Until??.. How about THROUGH… times FOUR! :smiley:

I’ve been working at the same job for almost 10 years… and I’m pregnant with our 4th. I work up until the very end of my pregnancy and take a 12 week maternity leave… then head right back to work!.. I don’t enjoy my job, but we need the income… you do what you have to do! :shrug:


I’m due on May 7th. Still working, and since I’m the only one working right now, I’ll take my 8 weeks and return to work in July some time.

Hubby is home for the summer, since he’s a student, and will take on the majority of the child care until the Fall semester starts.


I worked until I was 7 months pregnant and was fully intending to return to work after my unemployment insurance came to an end (I can't recall how long that was then, perhaps 16 weeks after the birth, now it's a full year).

When they put DD in my arms I knew I couldn't let anyone else raise her so decided then and there that I was going to be a SAHM. DH asked me one day "When are you going back to work?" "Er, I'm not. We'd been living on just your salary before she was born, so we can keep living on just your salary now. We just won't take off on impromptu $3000 holidays any more." I didn't go back to the work force for 16 years. I've been steadily employed, on a permanent part-time basis, for the last 16 years. Empty nest for 5.

Once I was sure, sure that I wasn't going back to work, I notified my employer. Some casual nurse was more than happy to become a full-time worker.


I only worked until I got married because I was moving to a different state, where his job was. no luck finding anything from a distance - no one wants to look at a resume with an out of state address on it.

I started applying for jobs almost right away after I moved. it took over a month before anyone bothered to respond saying they actually weren't hiring (why people post openings when they don't actually exist is beyond me..) and by that time I had found out I was preggo. I scaled down my search after that because I had always been planning on staying home with the kid, anyway. the one place I would have really liked to work at didn't get back to me for another month after that and wasn't worth the training time with respect to how long I'd actually be working there. plus it wasn't the safest place for a preggo anyway! :D

obviously if I was in a position where I had to work, I'd suck it up and find something, but since I don't, it's totally not worth having a job I'd hate (retail), being in pain all day, or putting the kid at risk for being damaged!

I do get really freaken bored.. but I do a lot of cleaning, and a lot of spending time with the dog. I figure this makes up for my last job, where I was so exhausted I'd come home and pass out two hours later..

in terms of actually answering your question:

I woudln't tell my employer until I was several months along, just in case of miscarriage. what time to mention quitting after that would depend on my relationship with the boss and other coworkers.

good relationship = give them time to find someone else so they're not screwed over.

mediocre relationship = let them know right around the time pudge turns to bump and it gets hard to hide.

bad relationship = people will assume only maternity leave so don't correct them until it's just about time to leave. oh wait, did I say leave? I meant quit!

if I didn't like the boss but liked my coworkers, I'd give more notice but make sure the boss knew it wasn't for their benefit.. take that, boss man!


I worked as a sports writer going to games through the end of May when I was pregnant with my first (my daughter was born towards the end of June). We were planning on moving at the time, and there was a natural break in the sports seasons for local sports, so I told my boss and told him I wouldn’t be able to come back the next year.


I'd advise against quitting a job when you become pregnant unless you need to (extended bedrest, for instance) simply because I lost my first 2 pregnancies and didn't have a successful pregnancy until 16 months after I got married. DD was born almost exactly 2 years to the day after we started trying to have a baby--and I worked fulltime until a week before I gave birth.

I honestly think I'd have gone crazy sitting at home after the miscarriages and as we struggled with infertility--my job allowed me to save up and pay for medical tests. My boss and his wife also had a long battle with infertility and recurrent miscarriages so he was very understanding when I didn't officially resign until after DD was born (at the end of my 3 month maternity leave). I did let him know I wouldn't be coming back unofficially and went ahead a trained an employee to take my place first, though. :thumbsup:

I love being a SAHM--wouldn't change my decision to stay home for the world. :) And I plan on going back when our youngest is in school...



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