Working with heathens!


Hi everyone,
Where i work I am one of only three Catholics employed there.As far as i know i am the only practising one,whenever the subject of religion arises the Catholic church comes in for a severe bout of criticism.
Even the church of England is not spared,everybody seems to think it is a subject they can tear to pieces,I think most English people feel this way,there are approx. 25,000,000 baptised “Cof E” members,but only a small portion of these attend Church.In this country(u.k.) there are 4.2 million Catholics and they have become the dominant church attenders for the first time since the Reformation!! But to be fair the influx of new EEC state members has helped,lets hope the trend continues! God Bless,
Location,The land of lost souls.(not so merry england).

p.s. does anyone else work with people like these?.


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