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I have started a childcare qualifacation as I want to work with children the course is so that I will be qualified to work with children 0-16 years old.I am hoping to work with children under 11 but depending on what work I can find it may be older.

Heres my question: The basic principle is to not judge a Teen if they want underage sex and give them information so they can make an informed choice. There is no Christian organisations that I know of working with this age group in my area so it will not be Christian information , Does anyone else work with teenagers and what do they do in this situation?



The problem with expecting teens to make an informed choice is that they are usually not given all the information they need to make that choice. Some teen programs start with the premise that teens are going to have sex, and there's no reason to try to change that fact. People just give up. I counsel at a pregnancy center, and as I have worked with some at length, they come to realize that sex is really bad for them. Sure, they get STD's, but the real problem is that it destroys their sense of self-worth. They become simply a body that is used for someone's pleasure. Remember also that when most girls have sex, they develop an emotional attachment to the boy, and often that ends badly. God created sex - and it's a beautiful gift when used as intended. Unfortunately, it's now distorted and this has resulted in many, many problems for individuals and our society.


The above is in conflict with Catholic moral teaching and a Catholic cannot give out such advice or information. It would be cooperation in sin.

Give out only information that is in coformity to Catholic moral teaching and help these teens to be chaste, not to engage in sex. To do otherwise is to commit a gravely wrong act. You cannot be an accomplice in these behaviors.


Thank Orchanian and 1ke for your posts. I thought myself that giving teenagers this information would be a sin. Like I said I am not hoping to work with teenagers so hopefully I wont have to deal with this!


When I was a junior in HS I had a friend who told me he an his girlfriend were “planning” to have sex. At the time he and I were so close he usually knew what I was thinking just by looking at my face. When he spit that sentence out I know he saw the hurt on my face because of how disapointed and disgusted I was. I told him that he was going to take away the one thing that she could never get back from him, and that it would be a shame on him to treat it so carelessly. He hadn’t thought about the emotions that were associated with it, and what a responsibility he would be putting on himself. Aside from what I thought as a Christian, he was athiest (and to be honest most “Christian” teens these days live an agnostic or athiest lifestyle) so it was the personal responsibility and shame that he would have to deal with for taking that experience from her, without actualy being commited, that changed his mind. I’m not saying it changed his life, but for that particular girl (who did stay virgin) it altered his perception of sexual relationships.


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