Workplace problem

( I apologize if this post is in the wrong place) about a year ago I discovered totally by accident that the coach whom I am an assistant for is having a fling with another teacher. Both are married to other people. I have not said a word to anyone that i know about it. I never really liked the guy in the first place b/c he is rude, arrogant, lazy, doesn’t care about the kids just himself & thinks he’s God’s gift to women. Anyways, how do I deal with this disgusting info. I know it’s probably not my business or place to say anything but the whole thing sickens me & I find it terribly hard to work with him.

Pray for him.

I agree… pray for him… and toss in the other party as well.

~May the Lord give you patients.

stay far away and pray. nice to ask. you don’t want in the middle as I have been stuck there in the past.

Continue not saying a word to anyone and pray for all concerned, especially the spouses who are betrayed.

you ignore it as if you had never come upon the knowledge, as long as it is not a matter that violates those teachers’ duties toward the children in their care. You regard knowledge of another person’s apparent sin as if you were bound by the seal of confession. You don’t act, when with them, as if you have any such knowledge at all. Obviously when it comes to a case of the behavior putting anyone else in harm’s way, violting workplace rules, thievery etc,. then you report it, but only to the proper authority.

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